November 12, 2022
21 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Watermelon Recipes

21 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Watermelon Recipes


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One of my favorite summer fruits are watermelons! They are so refreshing, bring a nice pop to the table, and are a quick and easy summer snack for kids! But did you know there are lots of fun ways to eat watermelong! Here are 21 fun Watermelon Recipes to try this summer!

One of my favorite summer fruits are watermelons! They are so refreshing, bring a nice pop to the table, and are a quick and easy summer snack for kids! But did you know there are lots of fun ways to eat watermelong! Here are 21 fun Watermelon Recipes to try this summer!

Watermelon Recipes

Are you a fan of Watermelon? We sure are. Today we have a fantastic list of watermelon recipes to give this favorite summertime treat a makeover. We have watermelon ideas to make watermelon salads to slushies and ice lollies, there is something for the whole family to enjoy.  I love the look of the Watermelon cake and the Watermelon pizza is to die for. The pizza looks so healthy and divine covered in delicious and colorful fruit. You can mix and match or make a fruity pizza with the kids. I hope you enjoy this variety of recipes. Let me know which you like best? I’d love to see your creations.

Watermelon Ideas

1. 3 Ingredient Juicy Watermelon Slush
2. Watermelon Salad Pomegrante Vinaigrette
3. Southwestern Watermelon Jicama Salad
4. Watermelon Cake Tutorial Recipe
5. Water Melon Push Pops
6. Watermelon And Coconut Ice Lollies
7. Watermelon Fruit Sparklers
8. Strawberry Watermelon Ice Pops
9. Simple Frozen Watermelon Slushies
10. Watermelon Brie Bites


Watermelon Salad Recipe

11. How To Pickle Watermelon Rinds
12. Mouth Watering Watermelon Bars
13. Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade
14. Blueberry Watermelon Feta Mint Salad
15. Summer Sangria With Watermelon
16. Watermelon Fruit Leather
17. Watermelon Salsa Recipe
18. Watermelon Pizza
19. Watermelon Lemon Italian Ice Blender Recipe
20. Watermelon Coconut Lime Slush

kids will have fun practicing counting to 20 with this watermelon seed playdough mats perfect for summer math with preschoolers Exploding Watermelon Science watermelon activity watermelon printable rhyming words worksheets

Watermelon Activities

Looking for another watermelon activity or two to make a week long watermelon theme or dive into the letter w is for watermelon? You will love these fun activities and free printables:

See all our watermelon activities for kids, watermelon activities (for older kids) and our watermelon activities for preschoolers


homemade orange rolls Best Blueberry Muffins Do you enjoy making your own bread? Have you ever tried using a sourdough starter? You will love the self reliance that comes from making your own starter to use again and again in yeastless bread recipe like these mouthwatering Sourdough Crepes with bananas in caramel sauce. You are going to love this quick oatmeal recipes that tastes just like Banana Bread! The banana bread meets healthy oatmeal bread recipe makes for a delicious start to your day! This is such a yummy hot breakfast to start your day out right and because it uses oats, it will keep your tummy full and give you lots of energy all morning long! This yummy breakfast recipe is a family favorite recipe.

Breakfast Recipes

Unlike traditional Chili, this Sweet Chili has baked beans and is super EASY to make. Favorite even with picky eaters. YUMMY  This Chicken Noodle Soup recipe is not only easy to make in your Instapot, but is hearty, incredibly flavorful, and good for you too! You will love how simple this chicken noodle soup instapot is to make. We like making yummy soup recipes during winter months. This instapot chicken and noodles is perfect for a cold day or someone feeling sick and under the weather too! We love making this yummy chicken noodle soup recipe easy!  Easy Pumpkin Chili Recipe Amazing Thanksgiving Leftover Soup

Soup Recipes

Pizza Quesadilla - this easy lunch recipe is ready in 5 minutes and tastes amazing! Plus it is a kid favorite lunch idea for at home or in their lunch box #pizza #quesadillas #easyrecipes #lunchrecipes #kidrecipes #yummy shredded bbq chicken sandwich You've got to try this YUMMY salad recipe with beet pear and goat cheese! This pretty ahd healthy salad is filled with yummy beetroot! Whether you are looking to eat more vegetables or just looking for a light summer lunch, this ground beef taco salad is a good salad recipe.  You will love how simple this easy taco salad is to prepare and the seasoning is made from scratch, no artificial ingredients or preservatives! We like to make this taco salad recipes with ground beef to use up leftover taco meat or as a prep meat once and eat it two different way to save time on busy school nights!

Recipes for Salads and Sandwiches

creamed chicken  twice baked potatoes with cream cheese Pasta makes a quick, easy and filling meal, but pasta dinner ideas seem to be either tomato or heavy cream based sauces. This easy pasta recipe is a quick dinner idea with a no tomato pasta sauce you can make all in one pan in under 30 minutes! This simple pasta recipe is sure to become a new staple  easy pasta dishes the whole family will love!

Main Dishes

Whether you are whipping up appetizers for friends or family, are prepparing some desserts for a game night, looking for a fun super bowl dip, or are just looking for a easy dessert - you will love this oreo cheeseball. This dessert cheese ball is quick and easy to make, but oh-so-yummy! We like to serve this sweet cheese ball with pretzels, apple clices, vanilla wafers, etc. Your guests will be asking for this oreo cream cheese balls recipe! cookies with snickers Best-Gingerbread-Cookies-Recipe thanksgiving perfect every time pumpkin pie recipe


Our families traditional pepperoni cheeseball looks like a football and is quick and EASY, making it the perfect super bowl appetizer recipe! This pineapple cheese ball is the perfect cheese ball recipe! It is slightly sweet with an amazing flavor that will be a favorite with kids and grown ups alike. This is my favorite appetizer recipes. Yummy! Nothings says summer like a fresh salsa recipe. Whether you are making homemade salsa to go along with chicken, top your tacos or carnitas, or to serve as a chips and salsa appetizer - salsa from scratch is always a hit! This pineapple salsa is a tropical twist that is bursting with flavor! You can make it spicy by adding jalapenos for a spicy pineapple salsa or keep it a mild pineapple pico de gallo if you prefer - either way it is abolutely delicious! Are you looking for a quick and easy fruit dip to serve at your next party or game night? This peanut butter dip is not only simple to make, but is super yummy and versatile too. Use our peanut butter fruit dip with apples, vanilla wafers, pretzels, and other dippers for quick appetizer recipes! With just 3 ingredients you will love this cream cheese fruit dip that has become a family favorite staple throughout the whole year!


Mouthwatering cornbread recipe that is soft, warm, sweet, and oh-so-perfect! This yummy, homemade corn bread sidedish uses creamed corn!  super yummy quick yeast rolls You will love this easy to make recipe for delicious bread in crockpot. This rosemary bread recipe is super easy and cooks up in your slow cooker so you can smell the yummy bread smell all afternoon. Serve alongside soup, salad, or main dish for a satisfying meal. Delicious Yeastless bread recipes that uses just 4 ingredients to make a soft, mouth watering soda bread. This homemade bread recipe is delicious for breakfast, sandwiches, or warm out of the water with butter, honey, and jam.

Breads and Side Dishes


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