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If you are reading this page you are either currently (or looking into) homeschooling. YAHOO! So proud of your for taking the road less traveled for your kids. It may not always be easy, but it is rewarding! 123 Homeschool 4 Me is here to help you on your journey! We’ve got lots of tips, resources, and over a millionpages of FREE Homeschool worksheets, games, lapbooks, and lesson plans to help you provide a solid, fun, and affordable education for your kids!

Let me walk you through some homeschooling basics and how 123Homeschool4Me can help you homeschool!

Why Homeschooling

But you didn’t decide to home educate just to “get it done”. You had a reason to homeschool. For some it is a better education, impact of being socialized at school, passing on your faith, spending more time with your kids, helping your child with a special need, making learning fun, or any number of other reasons. Keep reminding your self WHY you choose to homeschool and make that your primary focus.

How to Homeschool

Okay, so that was super simplified, I know! But really that is all you need to start with . Make sure to read the links above for more information on each point.

How to Start Homeschooling

Make Homeschool FUN and Affordable!  This is where comes in! We want our kids to have a strong, fun, and meaningful education, but teaching and being Mom leaves little time to think of fun, creative educational activities that make concepts stick. Plus the cost to buy cool games and additional worksheets for every little skill can be outrageous!

We’ve got you covered! This site is filled with thousands of creative ideas and 1.000,000+ FREE educational printables to make learning fun! Since we’ve been around, sharing creatives ideas and free worksheets since 2011, we have TONS of free worksheets and hands on games for students of all ages K12. But, don’t let that number overwhelm you!! We’ve organized our site carefully to make finding what you need, right now a snap!


Free Homeschool

Homeschooling Resources by Grade Level

You can jump right to the grade(s) you need by click on the following links or thumbnail below:

Preschool Worksheets  TONS of free kindergarten worksheets and kindergarten games to help kindergartners learn math, alphabet, literacy, word families, sight words, counting, addition, history, science and more with free kindergarten activities

 free 1st grade worksheets for practicing math, english, science, history and more  Grade 2 Worksheets and games to make practicing math, english, science, social studies, art, and more FUN!

over 3000 pages of free third grade printables to help students in grade 3 practice math, english, grammar, history, science experiments, and more  grade 4 worksheets, games & printables 2000+ grade 5 worksheets including free printable math games, english grammar activities, science, geography, history, music, science, and more #5thgrade #grade5 #homeschool 2000+ pages of grade 6 worksheets, games, and activities to make learning math, english grammar, language arts, history, geography, science, music and more fun #grade6 #6thgrade #homeschool

grade 7 /8 free printables  free high school printables to make learning engaging and fun for 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade students.

Or teach all your kids together with one of our FREE Weekly Themes


Homeschooling Resources by Subject

Or if you prefer, you can jump right to the school subject your child needs help with: math, english, science, social studies, spanish, art, bible, music, etc.

4000+ free math worksheets, games, and activities for elementary age kids  3000+ free language arts worksheets, games and activities to make learning english grammar fun for elementary age kids  Science Experiments, printables, lessons, and projects to make science fun for kids from preschool, pre k, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6  Tons of hands on units filled with educational history for kids and free printables

Famous Artists for Kids - SO many super cute and fun projects for kids of all ages Bible Crafts for Kids

Homeschooling Tips

Plus, I don’t want you to miss some of these great posts with lots of ideas, advice, and homeschooling help  on your homeschooling life:

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Homeschool Resources

Stories for Kids

Reading is a big part of any education and homeschoolers tend to read even more than there public school peers. But being able to read books before all your kids at various levels is not feasable – we’ve got you covered here too!
We’ve compiled book recommendations by grade level, charming picture books by theme, and monthly family reading lists on our Monthly Stories for Kids page

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