March 17, 2021
25 Reasons Why I LOVE Homeschooling

25 Reasons Why I LOVE Homeschooling


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Have you ever wondered why so many families choose to homeschool? Here are some of the many reasons 2 million families in America say I love homeschooling! So whether you are considering becoming a homeschool family or just curious about why i love homeschooling, come take a peak!

Have you ever wondered why so many families choose to homeschool? Here are some of the many reasons 2 million families in America say I love homeschooling! So whether you are considering becoming a homeschool family or just curious about why i love homeschooling, come take a peak!

I love homeschooling

It’s probably no surprise to you that I LOVE Homeschooling! I mean, why would we continue homeschooling and run a website about it if we didn’t love it, right?

I always chuckle when others say oh, I couldn’t homeschool, or I couldn’t be with my kids that much.  So many have a misconception of what homeschooling really is!  Yes, homeschooling is a lot of work, we cover the same subjects, we pay for our kids education out of our own wallets, and we spend almost 24/7 with our kids. And here is why I love homeschooling.


Why I LOVE Homeschooling

Gift of Time

  • With homeschooling, I’ve been given the gift of time! I get more time with my kids each day than traditionally schooled families.
  • We get to sleep in and have shorter days which means more time to play together.
  • Flexible days means we get to add in service projects, field trips, play days, or just enjoying sweet life moments that are all to fleeing.
  • Plus, my favorite part, instead of adhering to a strict schedule and rushing around, we can relax and go about our day at our own pace!

Teachable Moments that build Character

  • Because I spend the day with my kids, I get to seize the many teachable moments that come up every day. I get to impart wisdom, share life experiences, and build into their character.
  • I am able to repeat and reinforce concepts that are important to our family like Christian values, godly character, and scripture memorization



  • Homeschooling allows our family to make every day an adventure! On any given day we decide to take our learning to a local museum, bring our books with us to the arboretum and learn under a shady tree, dissect a starfish just because it’s cool (not because it was required), or turn our living room into a giant castle.
  • Plus the flexibility of homeschooling means we can take long weekends to visit Grandma, explore a neighboring state’s caves, or take a long road trip to see all the Revolutionary War sites we want to make history come alive.
  • When fractions aren’t sinking in we take to the kitchen to make a 1/2 a batch of chocolate cookies. Now we not only learned, but practiced fractions and had fun while doing so!



Homeschooling allows me to have tons of choices in not only my children’s education, but where we live, how we vacation,  and what time my kids get up in the morning!

  • We tailor our curriculum to each of our kids. That may mean advance math, additional writing, or an emphasis on cursive so the can read historical documents. And if something isn’t working, we pick something new right then, without waiting for the next year or approvals.
  • We get to pick when our kids start the day and what our school calendar looks like. We like to school on excessively hot days because we’d rather take off days in the fall to hike at a national park, explore a working farm, or observe the habitat of tadpoles in the spring.
  • Plus we vacation when things are less crowded and inexpensive – that means we get to go father and stay longer!
  • Choices means it’s okay to go to school in your pajamas, princess tiara, or super hero cape!


Not Missing “Those” Moments

Remember how proud you and your child were when they first used the toilet? Now imagine getting to be there for all those a-ha moments!

  • You will get the joy of watching them learn to read, discover a good book, grasp a concept, figure out how the Bible fits into history, taste their first cake, etc.


Saving the Best for Home

All too often kids are rushed to school quickly in the morning and get home too tired to talk about their day or engage with parents. They are tired. Plus they typically come home with a pile of homework to do ag home before the next day repeats itself.

When you homeschool you get to save the best of your kids for yourself. Let them wake up when they are ready and see a happy, cheerful child. Slow down your days when you are having a hard one instead of yelling and rushing through to stick with the schedule. Enjoy a snow day cuddled up with your kids and hot cocoa because you choose the schedule.



Homeschooling has allowed me to have deep, strong relationships with each of my kids. I get to see them all day long, watch them learn, talk to them about what they like / don’t like. I know them in a way that I just wouldn’t if they were away from home most of the day. We have fun together and enjoy each others’ company.

I get to take a 10 minute break to play battleship with my son during the day or cuddle up and read with my daughter.


Learn what Interests my Kids

When you get to pick your own hours and curriculum you can tailor your curriculum to your children’s interests. Kids will learn more, get excited about, and retain information for longer when they are learning something they are interested in. When my son discovers a passion for animals I get to show him I value his interests by tailoring our curriculum to his interests. We go to zoos, aquariums, dissect animals, read more  books or watch educational videos about the topics that interest them.

Plus my kids learn how to learn! They don’t think learning is what happens at school, but that it happens every day and they know how to learn more about whatever interests them. Learning is FUN when kids are allowed to have a say in what and how they learn!


Teaching Life Skills

My kids are learning valuable life lessons by being with me all day. They know how to cook because they’ve watched me, helped me, and started cooking on their own. They can sew a button because they are home when that happens. They help with chores because their is time in their day for them to learn responsibility. My kids know how to navigate banks, libraries, post offices, etc. because they’ve been part of errands. Plus they’ve gotten a chance to learn about budgeting, paying bills, gardening, canning, and more.

Because homeschooling has allowed us the freedom from rigid schedules we have been able to take some amazing vacations where my children have learned about other cultures, languages, seen world wonders, converted foreign currency, and so much more!


Pursuing Quality Relationships

Instead of being friends with others simply because they were assigned to your class in a particular year despite not having much in common and them being a negative influence, my kids get to pursue quality relationships.  Our family facilitates frequent get-together with friends my kids meet that they have natural chemistry, shared interests, similar values.


Time for Hobbies

When school takes less time (which homeschooling frequently does) you have the opportunity to pursue, grow, and spend time doing other things you enjoy! My kids have lots of time to enjoy reading, knitting, gardening, playing piano, swimming, building Lego’s, serving, and playing as a family.


Safety First

I know it seems like homeschoolers choose to live in a bubble (although I’d argue we are out in the community more than the public school children), but it is safe at home. I don’t have to send them to a school where they may get bullied, be involved in a shooting, etc.


Personalized School

We design our curriculum to each of our children. Children are not a one-size-fits-most. We get to help them with their struggles and help them excel at their weaknesses. They get valuable one-on-one teaching from a teacher that has a vested interest in their success. Because we don’t teach to pass a test, we teach for the best life possible.

Why do YOU love homeschooling?

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  1. Ashley Wright Avatar

    I can tailor our curriculum around my child’s learning style. I can make it fun for them – helping my child become a lifetime learning – a lover of learning. It takes significantly less time to teach my own children than they would be in public school. We use that time for playing, serving, exploring the world around us, and connecting as a family

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      Yes! 100 percent agree!