History for Kids

Make learning about history exciting for kids with so many creative, fun, and hands-on lessons to learn about countries, us states, explorers, colonial america and more! Units include activities, book recommendations,and free printables.
FREE History Units with kids activities, worksheets / printables, and more! Make HISTORY come alive for homeschoolers from preschool, kindergarten, through elementary age kids. Each history units includes 4 week lesson plan with creative, fun, and memorable history educational activities,for learning about egypt, middle ages, explorers, colonial america, revolutionary war, westward expansion, civil war, countries around the world, us states, and more FUN for homeschool families. #historyforkids #homeschooling #history

History happens to be my favorite subject! Probably because I grew up in Europe so instead of just reading about history in a dry book I got to climb through ancient ruins, explore castles, marvel at a Roman aqueduct, relive the fear of Jews during World War 2, and so much more. History came alive and I got to be part of it!

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana

Learning about history is important for so many reasons! It is important to know where we came from, to learn from humanities mistakes, to marvel at the progress we’ve made, and to see how God’s hand has been with us from the beginning. We didn’t start off as cave men as science would have us believe, we are a creative intelligent creation as we have been from the moment God created us – and studying history proves it!

Help kids to relive the exciting, unique parts of different historical periods with these 100+ Historical Fiction Books for Kids


History for Kids

Help history come alive as you use our units to teach kids about the past. Just click on any of the images below to see the history unit. Each of our units will help kids include:
  • 1-6 week lesson plans to make planning EASY!
  • creative, fun, memorable, and hands on history activities
  • fantastic book recommendations
  • free printables – lapbooks, worksheets, etc.
  • additional resources like videos and more


Homeschool History

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