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Sandcastle Engineering using cardboard rolls

Summer is almost here and that means it is time for fun Summer learning! Make sandcastles form cardboard rolls and have a sandcastle engineering challenge- who can build the highest(and strongest) sandcastle!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Sandcastle Engineering using cardboard rolls

This engineering such a frugal and fun activity that only takes minutes to prepare. Older kids can even help to cut the “sandcastles” and work on planning and cutting skills while doing so. This Sandcastle Engineering using cardboard rolls is sure to be a new favorite activity to recycle in your house.

You will only need:

  • cardboard/toilet paper rolls
  • colored craft sticks
  • colored craft foam/cardboard

Cut a variety of sizes of “sandcastles” using the cardboard or toilet paper rolls, the more the better. The edges of the sandcastles don’t need to be perfect either. Make a few flags- using the craft sticks and triangles from craft foam/cardboard, to add to the challenge and to add a bit of color too!

Let the challenge begin: see how many rolls you can use to make a sturdy structure. How high can you go?

castle kids activities

Add flags as finishing touches, but be careful, it might just make your structure unstable or it will just fall through…


Building sandcastles from cardboard rolls is the perfect activity for kids of all ages, for a large group or party and also to work in teams! Have frugal fun this Summer engineering sandcastles!



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