Middle Ages for Kids

Learning about the middle ages will be memorable and fun with this hands-on middle ages unit perfect for elementary age kids. This is just one of our fun and FREE History for Kids  Units.

Middle Ages for Kids - hands on history lessons for kids. Such a fun way for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade elementary age kids to learn about castles, knights, and more!

Middle Ages for Kids

Your kids are going to love these creative and memorable history lessons that will teach about middle ages for kids. These lessons are great for all elementary age kids and great for families learning together. Each of the lessons includes crafts, hands-on activities, and more to make learning about Medieval times fun! Here are the different parts to the study. Just click on the link to see more about that lesson.

Start out your unit by helping kids learn about life in a medieval castle. Build your own out of boxes, learn about the essential parts of a castle, learn about the science of a catapult, dye silk as they would have in the middle ages, make peasant bread, and read some great books that will make the medieval castles come alive!


2 – Knight Unit for Kids

Learn about the important roles of knights, what their coat of arms meant, make a bow and arrow, and read some fascinating books that will make the life of a knight come alive.

3 – Medieval Church for Kids

Kids will be fascinated by the importance of the medieval church during the middle ages. Have fun learning about the origin of pretzels, making illuminated manuscripts, see famous churches from the middle ages, learn how the invention of the printing press brought about the end of the middle ages, and more.


4 – Medieval Art: Giotto, Music, and Tapestry

Learn about famous artist Giotto who made beautiful artwork during the middle ages. Kid will have fun making their own egg based paint and creating their own masterpieces to commemorate Giotto. Plus kids will have fun making their own medieval music and weaving simple tapestries with our simple, fun projects.


Middle Ages Supplement Resources for kids unit:

Middle Ages for Kids Resources