Early Explorers for Kids

Kids will have fun learning about early explorers with this 5 week hands on history lessons for kids of all ages. This Early Explorers for Kids unit includes fun activities, lapbook, worksheets, and more to make learning fun.

Early Explorers for Kids - free lesson plans for 5 weeks of creative, fun educational activities to make history come alive for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kids to learn about Vikings, Magellan, Hudson, Columbus, Cartier, and more. Includes FREE explorer worksheets and FREE lapbook perfect for homeschool families to study history as a family #homeschool #historyforkids #earlyexplorers


Early Explorers for Kids

Kids will have fun reliving the adventures of early explorers for kids as they become a viking with Leif Erickson, sale around the world with Magellan, head to China with Marco Polo, discover the New World with Columbus, and more!

Each lesson is filled with clever, fun, hands on educational activities and free printables to teach elementary age kids about early explorers.

Just click on the links below to see more about each lesson:



1 – Vikings History for Kids

Learn about the life of a Norwegian Viking by making your costume, shield, and longship. Help kids remember what they discovered in Greenland and where it got it’s name. Learn about geography with a simple mapping activity and begin your free explorers lapbook.


2 – Marco Polo & Prince Henry ‘The Navigator’ Lesson for Kids

Kids will love walking the silk road just like Marco Polo did. They will discover silks, make spice paintings, use math to calculate the distance he traveled, taste Chinese food, and continue adding to their explorers lapbook.

Make your own working compass as you learn about Prince Henry The Navigator.



3 – Columbus, Vasco de Gama, and Vespucci for Kids

Play a fun game to learn about being the captain of a ship, make your own hour glass, and learn to draw the Nina, la Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Then retell the adventures of Columbus, Vasco de Gama, and Vespucci to reinforce what you’ve learned. Also included in the explorers printables are explorers writing prompts and more to add to your explorers lapbook.



4 – Magellan & The Spanish Conquistadors for Kids

Map Magellan’s route around the globe, learn about Spanish Conquistadors, discover the Aztec culture, and make some Aztec pottery.

Use the explorer worksheets to practice mapping and see how dangerous being an explorer really was.  And last, but not least, add these famous explorers to your lapbook.



5 – Drake, Hudson and Cartier for Kids

Learn about Drake (the English pirate who was the second explorer to go around the world), Henry Hudson who was sent to discover a passage to Asia but died in the Hudson bay instead, and Cartier who discover the St. Lawrence River.

Finish by adding your renaming elements to your free explorer lapbook and taking time to use the free printable explorer review sheets to  review what you’ve learned.



Finally, if you have younger learners joining your unit you’ll want to grab these Free Early Explorers Preschool Pack to let them join in on the learning.