Countries for Kids

How much do your kids know about the amazing countries around the world? Everyone should be able to name the continents, find major countries on the map, and tell you where the Great Pyramids of Giza are. With these free printables you can help them learn! Plus, don’t miss our other history for kidsunits.

Countries for Kids - so many fun, clever, free printable maps, worksheets, country books, Christmas Around the World and more for kids to learn about other countries of the world. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade kids #aroundtheworld #geography #countriesforkids

Countries for Kids

Kids will have fun learning about all the amazing, unique countries for kids with all these fun, clever activities and free printables.

We love using these Free Printable Passports for Kids! They help us to record the places we learn about and make it an adventure. The kids just love this simple idea to make it playful!

Plus younger kids starting to learn their place in this world will love these simle, expanding horizons activities:


Continents Book for Kids


First of all, help kids learn about the way we organize all the countries in the world with these free Continents Books for kids.

Printable World Maps


Then help kids learn where the major oceans are in these Free Printable World Maps. Plus kids can dive deeper into each continent and find the countries, capitals, rivers, and mountain ranges all around the world.

Christmas Around the World


Now it’s time to dive into the different cultures, customs, and beauty of other countries around the world. This Christmas Around the World study is perfect to start because it will give you a little information and an activity for each country studied. It even includes free country worksheets!

Or, if you are a Christian, you will love this Craft & Pray Around the World. It also takes a look at countries around the world, but also includes how to pray for the people that live there. A different country is featured every day with a unique, country themed ornament your family can make together.


Countries of the World Coloring Book


Kids will have fun discovering the diversity around the world with this FREE  countries of the world book. Use the country coloring sheets individually or put all 18 together to make a Countries of the World Book. Each page includes the country map, flag, several famous icons, key information for each country. These are NO PREP! Just print, color, read, and learn.


Country Specific Resources


Finally, if you are looking to focus on a specific country you will love these different free printables to take a closer look at each of the following countries: