Native Americans for Kids

Help kids learn there is so much more to the fascinating Native Americans from North America than just what is depicted in old Indians movies with these fun, hands on history lessons – Native Americans for Kids.

Native Americans for Kids - lessons filled with clever, fun and memorable educational activities! FREE tribe mini books (Hopi, Navajo, Powhatan, Iroquios, Comanche, Seminole, and more) plus Indian worksheets and so much more! Perfect for preschool,, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade kidsd

Native Americans for Kids

Children are fascinated to learn about Native Americans. Perhaps it is all the old Cowboys & Indians movies that are floating around or the idea of an untamed America where buffalo roam and tribes take care of one another while living in harmony with nature. Whatever the reason, it is wonderful to be able to teach History for Kids when they are already naturally interested in the topic!

Elementary age kids will dive into the rich, interesting culture of various native american tribes each week. Each week students will  look at tribes from a different area. Learn how each tribe’s customs and how they lived are very different. This unit will making history come alive!


1 – Woodland Tribes

The Woodland Tribes lived in the woods up and down the east coast stretching from the Atlantic Ocean towards the middle of America.  Find out how archaeological digs help us get clues to the past, make an arrow with an arrowhead stone,  try a friendship dance, and even make corn husk dolls if you like.

Included are black and white mini-books with lots of information about the Iroquois and Powhatan tribes for kids to read, color, and learn as well as comparison worksheets and mapping.


2 – Plains Tribes

Once the Comanche roamed roamed all over the plains of central America. They were nomadic, following the buffalo. This week you will make an epic history project your kids will remember forever! We will show you how to easily and inexpensively make a PVC tent that you can decorate just like the plains tribes did. Then, print off your weekly free printables to learn more about the tribes who called the American plains home.


3 – Southwest Tribes

This week learn about the Navajo and Hopi tribes who lived in the southwest part of the United States. If you get a chance, visit the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde. Not only will it help you understand this rich culture better, but it is an amazing experience I highly recommend!

This week make Indian fry bread, weave baskets (in a very clever, kid friendly way), and continue making printable native american mini books.


4 – Pacific Northwest

This week venture up to the northwest corner of the United States. Kids will be fascinated by how different life, habits, and customs were for these tribes compared to last week’s southwest tribes!

This week you will read some wonderful books and make a fun totem pole craft (printable included).


5 – Seminole and REVIEW

Last, but not least, you will take a peak at the Seminole tribe that lived it what is now Florida and then do some review to see how much your students remember.  Students will love making the seminole bead necklaces to make this unique tribe come alive.Depending on where you live, check out your local history museum to see if they have exhibits about how the Native Americans who are from your area lived. This is such a great way to make history come alive to kids!

Typical tribe mini books are included along with mapping exercises and review worksheets for kids to review what they’ve learned.