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FREE Stocking Three Digit Addition Game

Can you believe the Christmas season is upon us? Lights are up everywhere, we are busy with all the fun of the season, and the children are a little distracted. Yep, they are dreaming of what Christmas day will bring and caught up in the festive air all around us. But let’s face it. We still need to get some work done. So grab this cute, no-prep three digit addition game with a festive flare.

FREE Stocking Three Digit Addition Game - this is such a fun way for kids to practice Christmas math to improve addition fluency while having fun in December. #christmaslearning #christmasmath #addition #2ndgrade #3rdgrade #mathgame

FREE Christmas Math

Stocking Three Digit Addition Game

This Christmas math games is such a fun, low-prep addition game gets children practicing adding three- digit numbers by three-digit numbers.

three digit addition game


Like I said this game is extremely low-prep, which is perfect for this busy time of year. All you have to do is….

  1. Print off the game boards and laminate if you want extra durability.
  2. Next, gather up a calculator, a die, and game markers.

And that is it. The game is ready to play.


How to play:

As easy as the game is to set up. It is that easy to play.

  1. Player one begins by rolling the die and moving that many spaces.
  2. When they land on a space, they must solve the problem. Once player one has an answer, player two checks the answer with a calculator.
  3. If player one got the right answer, they get to remain where they are. If the answer is wrong, they move back two spaces.
  4. Now it is player two’s turn and the same steps are followed. Player two solves the problem while player one checks it.
  5. The game continues in this fashion until one player reaches the space labeled finish!

adding three digit numbers with base ten blocks

Extra Help

If you notice a child struggling with solving the addition facts, it may help to have them use base ten blocks.

Let’s say a child is solving 234 + 123. The child would begin by taking out 3 cubes and then 4 cubes.

Next, they would take out 3 longs and 2 longs.

Finally, they would take out two flats and one flat.

The Total is 3 flats, 5 longs, and 7 cubes. Therefore the answer is 357.


The last page is a little more difficult, as children will see numbers with different amounts of digits. For example, they may be asked to solve 34 + 559.

Once again we begin in with the ones place value. We get out four cubes and nine cubes. But this equals 13, more than 10, so we take out ten cubes and replace it with a long. Now I have three cubes and one long. Now we move unto our tens. We will get out three longs and five longs. Finally, we move to our hundreds, we only have five hundred so we grab five flats.

I now have 5 flats, 9 longs, and 3 cubes. My answer is 593. I hope your children enjoy playing this simple game three-digit addition game.


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