Civil War for Kids

Learning about the Civil War for kids is fun with these fun books, activities and tons of free printables including Civil War Worksheets and Civil War Games.

Help kids learn about The Civil War with this fun, hands on unit and civil war lesson plans including civil ward for kids mini book, famous people in the civil war flip book, and civil war worksheets for kids. This unit is idea for homeschoolers, 3rd grade, 4th garde, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students.


Civil War for Kids

While the Civil War deals with some hard issues, it is an important period of history for Americans to study. Students will learn about slavery, famous Americans from the Civil War, famous battles, and how our nation stood together. Because of the strides made during the Civil War slavery woudl be abolished, women would get the right to vote, and we would begin becoming a UNITED people.


Unlike our other history units that include a week-by-week lesson, I’ve included resources below. Because of the content this is not a one-size-fits-all history lesson.  Grab the resources you like and dive into as much as your child is ready for.


Civil War Reader


To start out with, grab this FREE Civil War Reader to help your child learn some basic facts about the civil war. Your can print in color or black and white.


People of the Civil War Flipbook


Students will be fascinated to learn about these famous figured from this intense time in our American History. You can print this FREE People of the Civil War Flipbook in color or black and white.

Civil War Worksheets for Kids (coming soon)

Civil War Worksheets for Kids

Finally, assess what kids have learned about The Civil War with these FREE Civil War Worksheets that review key people, battles, vocabulary, terms, and ideas of the Civil War for kids.


FREE Civil War Board Game (coming soon)

Civil War Board Game for Review

Help kids learn about the Civil War while playing this fun, low prep, FREE Civil War Board Game that can be printed in color or black and white.

Online Civil War Resources

Recommended Civil War Books for Kids




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