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Make Your Own Treasure Hunt Geography Game

A great way to practice geography and learn map skills is by creating your own treasure hunt geography games! Your elementary student will have fun with this east to prepare hands-on geography activity.

Geography Games - Make your own treasure hunt! This is such a fun kids activities for Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and more! (homeschool, geography)

Make Your Own Treasure Hunt Geography Game

Most geography curriculum begins with learning map skills, such as reading coordinates and cardinal directions.  You can reinforce concepts such a longitude and latitude, by setting up your own treasure hunt; scavenger hunts are a great way to add some fun in your homeschool!
This is a fun, hands on learning activity for elementary age kids!
map skills with make your own treasure hunt
To begin, draw a rough layout of  the main floor of your houseYou could cheat a bit by drawing out the floor plan that you may have received when you bought the house. 

Map Skills

geography games - make your own treasure hunt for elementary age kids

With a rough outline of your house, now you are ready to add lines of longitude and latitude.  Grab a ruler and add lines about 1-inch apart.  Mark the center horizontal line 0 degrees, and label the lines above and below in increments of 10.  Label the horizontal lines above 0 degrees with the symbol N {for North} and the lines below, S {for South}. Label the vertical lines in the same way by making the middle line 0 degrees and label lines to left and right in 10 degree increments.  Use the symbols W {West} for lines to the left and E {East} for lines to the right of 0 degrees.

Hands on Geography – Make your Own Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Geography Lesson

Grab a few envelopes and strips of paper to provide additional clues to help your students find the treasure.

Write the first clue on the map leading to the envelope with the next clue and so forth.  I hid some candy in the last envelope as the treasure. To begin, I called Big Brother {8 years} and Little Sis {4 years} to come downstairs for a scavenger hunt.  I gave Big Brother the map and told him to read the latitude and longitude coordinates at the bottom of the map to find his next clue.

The coordinate led them over to the fireplace.  The next clue led him over to the kitchen….


They found clue number 4 in the laundry room….

Their final clue led them to the living room.  They found their way the corner of the room and found their final envelope– a note of “Congratulations” and a piece of candy for each of them!

Big Brother loved this activity and if he hadn’t told a few friends he would be out to play, he would have wanted me to set this up again!  Little Sis of course loved the treasure!  Hope you have fun setting up a scavenger hunt in your homeschool!


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