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Where Do I Live Printable Activity

Kids will have fun while learning Where do I Live with this printable activity perfect for Expanding Horizons with Prek, Kindergarten, and 1st graders. UPDATED: Originally published October 3, 2011

Landforms Printable Pack

Learning about some of the different types of landforms is fun with this Landform Printable Pack. It focuses on eleven different landforms: canyon, desert, hills, island, lake, mountains, ocean...

SNAP – US Geography Games

Your kids will love this hands-on US Geography Games. It is a fun way to hep your children review the names and location of each of the 50 states.  It is a fast-paced review game for your 2nd grade...

FREE Continents Book for Kids

Help kids learn about our 7 continents with this FREE Continents Book for Kids. It will not only tell them what the continents are, but where they are located, and countries located in their borders...

FREE Printable Maps

Whether you are learning about geography, countries for kids, or just trying to show your kids the route you are taking on your next vacation, these FREE Printable Blank Maps will come in handy!

FREE State Capitals Game

Kids will have fun learning all 50 US States for Kids  along with state capitals with this FREE State Capitals Game.

Study Geography with Continent Boxes

Kids are going to love exploring geography with these fun, DIY Continent Boxes. These are great for Montessori schools and other homeschoolers looking for meaningful, hands on learning activities.

Make Your Own Treasure Hunt Geography Game

A great way to practice geography and learn map skills is by creating your own treasure hunt geography games! Your elementary student will have fun with this east to prepare hands-on geography...

FREE! Printable World Geography Cards

Are you studying world geography with your homeschool Kindergarten – 6th grader? Here is a fantastic, free resource to add to your study.

FREE Roll into Geography Game

Help kids learn about the 7 continents with this fun, free printable geography game for young kids to learn while having fun. This is perfect for accompanying reading How to Make an Apple Pie and See...

Teaching Children about South America

It is so important to introduce the concept of other cultures, customs, and countries to children. It not only helps children see the beautiful diversity in our world, but to admire the uniqueness...

Geography Fun with a Salt Dough Map

Geography for kids will come alive as they create their very own salt dough map and learn about the terrains, mountains, rivers, and more with this fun, hands on activity for kids of all ages!

FREE Country Lapbooks

Kids will have fun learning about Italy, France, England, Sri Lankia, Jamaica, and Vermont with these free printable lapbooks for kids! Plus don’t miss our other countries for kids resources!