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Printable Ice Cream Sundae Place Value Activity for Summer Math

Children will have fun seaking in¬†summer math with this free printable”Build an Ice Cream Sundae”place value activity! This place value games online is a fun number sense game for kindergarten,¬†first grade¬†and¬†second graders to work on the ones, tens, and hundreds place. Students will buid their sundae in this place value interactive games by adding ice cream scoops and toppings. Simply print the place value games printable and you are ready to play and learn in your¬†ice cream theme or as an educational¬†ice cream activity for kids!

Children will have fun seaking in summer math with this free printable"Build an Ice Cream Sundae"place value activity! This place value games online is a fun number sense game for kindergarten, first grade and second graders to work on the ones, tens, and hundreds place. Students will buid their sundae in this place value interactive games by adding ice cream scoops and toppings. Simply print the place value games printable and you are ready to play and learn in your ice cream theme or as an educational ice cream activity for kids!

Place Value Activity

Place value is an early math skill that is essential for your kids to learn and understand. Not having a clear understanding of each numbers value will cause problems in later math exploration, such as addition and subtraction of large numbers.¬† And while this may seem so simple to us, this is actually a very complex concept that requires lots of time, practice and varied approaches. So don’t be discouraged if this is a topic that you have to return to again and again with your kids. Use this¬†Place Value Activity¬†with a fun¬†ice cream printable to sneak in some fun summer learning with FUN¬† place value practice. This¬†place value game includes a¬†place value games printable and a¬†place value workheet to help kids understand the concept of¬†ones, tens, hundreds place value.

Place Value Games Printable

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> ____ <<. The place value worksheets for grade 1 file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the template.

Free printable math activity to help kids visualize place value - ones, tens, and hundreds place

Summer Math

The first thing you will need to do is print the ice cream bowls, scoops and cherries and cut them out. I suggest using a laminator for durability. Then this handy printable set can be pulled out any time you need to review place value!

I put the bowls, ice cream scoops, and cherries on easy to cut out cards, but you could cut out each individual scoop and cherry if you wanted.

After everything is cut out, you’re ready to build an ice cream sundae!

hands on math activity to help kindergarten, first grade, and second grade kids learn place value

Ice Cream Math

This place value lesson plans 2nd grade set includes 22 ice cream bowl problems with three digit numbers on them.

Give your kids a bowl, then let them “build” the number using the hundreds scoops (vanilla), tens scoops (chocolate) and then a cherry for the ones value.

They can build straight up, or get creative with where they place the scoops. ūüôā

Included in this print are 9 hundreds scoops, 9 tens scoops and 9 cherries, allowing kids to build one or two sundaes at a time. If you wanted to allow them to build all the bowls at once, simple print out more of the ice cream scoops and cherries.

kids can build their place value sundae straight up or creatively

Place Value Interactive Games

Another fun way to use this teaching place value 1st grade would be to have your child build all the sundaes (or even just a few) and then compare them.

  • Which one is the tallest?
  • Is it also the largest number?

For example, if you compare 295 and 408, you would see that 295 makes a taller sundae, but it is a smaller number. Take time to discuss why it is smaller to help them understand the meaning of the tens value and the hundreds value.

Also spend time comparing numbers that have a zero in the tens or ones place. What does that mean for your sundae? What does that mean for the number?

Kids will have fun learning about place value with this fun Build your own Ice Cream Sundae math games for kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade kids

Ones, tens, hundreds place value

And finally, once your kids have explored and built the given sundaes, let them create their own place value lesson plans 1st grade!

Also included in this set are two blank bowls and a recording page.

kids can build their own Ice Cream Sundae Place Value and record them on this place value worksheet for kids

Place Value Worksheets

Let your kids build whatever kind of sundae they like, then record the total hundreds, tens and ones used on their recording page to calculate the total number they made.

I hope you have fun exploring place value and looking forward to summer with this ice cream sundae printable set! And if you’re looking for more resources to help your kids understand place value and large numbers, check out this post full of ideas!

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Ice Cream Activities

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Ice Cream Printables

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Ice Cream Theme

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Ice Cream Worksheets

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Ice Cream Math

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Summer Fun

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Summer Activities for Kids

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Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Free printable Place Value Ice Cream Sundae activity for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade kids

Hundreds Tens and Ones

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