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FREE Popsicle Division Puzzles

Knowing multiplication facts and division facts are important, and finding fun ways to practice is especially important too. And these division Popsicle puzzles are one fun way to get in division fact practice.

FREE Popsicle Division Puzzles - super cute math activity to help 3rd grade and 4th grade kids have fun practicing math with a summer themed activity #icecream #division #mathgames

Division Printables

Looking for more fun ways to practice division? You will love these fun division games for kids.


Division Puzzles

As with all puzzles, a little prep work is needed. These popsicles are easy to cut out though, so the cutting part is easy!

  1. First, print off the popsicles on card stock paper.
  2. Next, cut them out and for extra durability laminate them.
  3. Now, you are ready to get in some division fact practice!

Print out the division game for third and fourth graders

Division Game

Before you pull out the puzzles, I highly suggest that you introduce the concept of division.

Cut apart the 3rd grade math activity

Division in Relationship to Multiplication

One way is to show your children how division and multiplication relate, and there are many different ways to do this. You can, of course, use fact family triangles. These

Another fun way is to let your children use manipulatives and have them sort items to show multiplication and then division problems. Activities like these task cards, challenge children to solve simple multiplication or division problems with manipulatives….and at the same time, they are developing algebra skills.


Modeling Division

Any time you can get children to model a math skill….I’m all for it!

And there are a few different ways you can do this with division.

  1. Repeated subtraction is one way. If I’m solving 24 divided by 8 I can subtract 8 from 24 repeatedly until I get to 0. 24 – 8 = 16, 16 – 8 = 8, 8 – 8 = 0 I subtracted 8 three times, so 24 divided by 8 equals 3.
  2. Arrays – Multiplication is often taught using arrays, so this a great way to work through division. If I’m dividing 15 by 3 I count out 15 manipulatives and make a row of three. I continue making a row of three until I don’t have any manipulatives left, and then I count up the rows. I have five rows, so 15 divided by 3 equals 5.
  3. Making Groups – This is the one that is most often used. Simply count out manipulatives to equal the dividend, make circles base on the divisor, and then divide up the manipulatives into the groups. The number of manipulatives in each group is the answer.
  4. Number Lines – Number lines are a great way to build number sense in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and division. And activities like these word problems get children using the number lines as well as many of the other activities listed above.

Ice Cream math activity perfect for summer learning

Ice Cream Math

After your children have been exposed to the division, then it is time to practice their facts and work on memorization with activities like these popscicle puzzles.

You can simply have them work through the puzzles, or you can make it a competition if your child likes that type of thing.

They can work to beat their previous time or beat a partners time.

Either way, getting them to repeatedly answer division problems reinforces the answer and will help them begin to memorize their division facts.


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Looking for more fun ways to learn this summer with popsicle themed activities? You will love these free printables:


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