107 Must Do Kids Activities for your Summer Bucket List

Right now is the PERFECT time to start planning your summer bucket list. Here are 107 must do summer activities for kids!

The key to having a fun, memory filled summer is to intentionally plan it! 

Now I’m not talking about planning every minute or over scheduling kids. What I mean is take a peak at the 107 Must do Kids Activities for your Summer Bucket List, grab the free printable if you like, and start penciling them in on your calendar. 

Then you will make sure to actually do the fun things you intend to do and actually create that fun, memory filled summer you and your kids are longing for. 

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

  1. 107 Must do ideas for kids summer bucket listsPaint with Rocks like Fantastic Fun and Learning
  2. Join a Summer Reading Program
  3. Catch Fireflies in a Far
  4. BIG homemade bubbles like We Are That Family
  5. Visit a Zoo or Farm
  6. Colorful Bubble Snakes by Housing a Forest
  7. Word Scavenger Hunt by Play dough to Plato
  8. Have a Family Pillow Fight
  9. Build a Huge Fort (using sticks, pillows, legos, whatever you have!)
  10. Glow in the Dark Chalk by Growing a Jeweled Rose
  11. Make Family stepping stones like Z Recommends
  12. Have Family Derby Races  like TP Craft
  13. Make Ice Cream in a Bag like Food Your Way
  14. Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk by Growing a Jeweled Rose
  15. Make a lemonade stand by Sunscholars
  16. Wash the car by hand
  17. Make a Kid Wash by 123Homeschool4Me
  18. Paint Me! Frozen Paint Sensory Fun by 123Homeschool4Me
  19.  Pouring Potions & Color Mixing by The Chocolate Muffin Tree
  20. Regrow Celery by Housing a Forest
  21. Marshmallow Shooters (go 30+ feet!) by 123Homeschool4Me
  22. Go on an Alphabet Treasure Hunt  by Playdough to Plato
  23. Go Star Gazing
  24. Watch the Sunrise (bring a picnic breakfast!)
  25. Play at a [new-to-you] park
  26. Zoo Scavenger Hunt with Printable by I Can Teach My Child
  27. Fly a Kite
  28. Have a Picnic like East Coast Mommy
  29. Fly a Bottle Rocket like Science Sparks
  30. Go swimming at a pool
  31. Have a water balloon fight like Love Play and Learn
  32. Play Mini Golf
  33. Paint with flowers by 123Homeschool4Me
  34. Fly Swatter Painting Outdoors like Reading Confetti
  35. Grow a Grass Friend
  36. Paint Rocks by Eighteen25
  37. Plan a Memorable Family Vacation like 123Homeschool4Me
  38. Pick berries or produce from a U-Pick
  39. Father & Son Home Depot Clinic on making Bird House (free!)
  40. Set up a backyard Slip & Slide like 123Homeschool4Me
  41. Make homemade ice cream like 123homeschool4me
  42. Go to Farmers Market
  43. Go Fishing
  44. Take a Boat Ride
  45. Watch Fire Works
  46. Go to Disney World like 123Homeschool4Me
  47. Play Sight Word Hopscotch like Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
  48. Make an Outdoor Marble Run like 123Homeschool4Me (coming soon)
  49. Make Sand Art like Busy Kids Happy Mom
  50. Spend a day at a Children’s Museum (great for rainy days or for low crowds go on a sunny day!)
    1. San Francisco by Bug and Buddy
    2. Little House on the Prairie by Living Montessori Now
  51. Have Popcorn Movie Day on a rainy day
  52. Go Bowling (or join a bowling league)
  53. Practice spelling in the pool like Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
  54. Go to Chuck E. Cheese (don’t forget to get an online coupon first!)
  55. Play in the Rain like Kids Activities Blog
  56. Volunteer with your kids like 52 Brand New
  57. Host a themed Playdate
  58. Put out the Fire (with water hose) by Toddler Approved
  59. Make a Portable Water Wall like Fun-a-Day
  60. Make & Sail Ice Boats like Reading Confetti
  61. Painting with your Feet like Here Come the Girls
  62. Paint with Water and Ice like Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
  63. Attend a local church’s Vacation Bible School program
  64. Have a Backyard movie night like Housing a Forest
  65. Sensory Fun with Ice like Plain Vanilla Mom
  66. Backyard Frozen Fun by Counting Coconuts
  67. Marshmallow Sensory Play by Fantastic Fun & Learning-
  68. Summer Sensory Play with Shaving Cream by Growing a Jeweled Rose
  69. Make a Hot Air Balloon like DIY Projects for Kids
  70. Make a Mud Kitchen like The Imagination Tree
  71. Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder like Tinkerlab
  72. Make a Melted beads Stain Glass Sun Catcher like 123Homeschool4Me (coming soon)
  73. Glowing Outdoor Science Lab by Growing a Jeweled Rose
  74. Lawn Tic-Tac-Toe like Learn Create Love
  75. DIY Spray Paint for Preschool and Toddler Art by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots
  76. Alphabet Water gun targets  by Creative Capital B
  77. Make a Solar Oven for some Summer Science by Kitchen Pantry Scientists
  78. Make Your Own Lava Lamp by Come Together Kids
  79. Make a Pinwheel like My Homespun Threads
  80. Rock Candy like Moms Crafty Space
  81. Grow Giant Sunflowers like The Golden Gleam
  82. Make Bubble Prints like Vivid Layers
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  84. Sand Paper Print T-shirrs like Alpha Mom
  85. Make Root beer Floats
  86. Make a Craft Stick Bracelets like 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  87. Play tennis with Balloons
  88. Disappearing Letters by Reading Confetti
  89. Make Sponge Bombs like Inner Child Fun
  90. Play Capture the Flag
  91. Do a Water Table Makeover like Growing a Jeweled Rose’s Princess Water Table
  92. Build with Ice Cubes like Train Up a Child
  93. Read a New Book Aloud Together (recommendations from 123Homeschool4Me)
  94. Make homemade popsicles like these colorful ones from Babble
  95. Visit a State Park
  96. Make Salsa from your Garden you grew
  97. Make a Driveway Obstacle Course like Creative Family Fun
  98. Pool Noodle Backyard Obstacle Course by Train up a Child
  99. Make an Outdoor Band (bang on garbage lid, wind chime, water in cups, etc)
  100. Take a Nature Walk (wherever you are: neighborhood, beach, rain, state park, etc.) like Crystals Tiny Treasures Marine Walk
  101. Go Go Camping outside or indoor camping ( 
  102. Take a day trip to a Beach
  103. Make Sponge sculptures like The Chocolate Muffin Tree
  104. Glow in the Dark – Firefly Nightlights by 123Homeschool4Me
  105. Get moving in the back yard like Growing a Jeweled Rose did with Get up & Move Backyard Dice
  106. Play Backyard Twister like Eucharisteo
  107. Practice your Alphabet with an Ice Letter Hunt like Reading Confetti
  108. Watering an Alphabet Garden like Toddler Approved
  109. Summer Bucket List with Free Printable by Motherhood on a Dime
  110. Sensory Roller Painting by Mummy Musings and Mayhem
  111. Find more great ideas from Little Wonder’s Days Bucket List 
  112. Bowling – KIDS BOWL FREE
  113. Ice Cream in a Bag – Growing a Jeweled Rose

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