Summer Kids Activity: Blowing Colorful Clouds

Looking for a fun summer activities for kids? You are going to love blowing colorful cloud bubbles!
This is such a fun summer activities for kids! Unlike conventional bubbles, these make long clouds or snakes of bubbles in any color you can imagine. SO MUCH FUN! Must add to summer bucket list.

Ever since I saw Colorful Bubble Snakes over on Housing a Forest I knew we had to try this super fun kids summer activity!

My kids thought they looked like colorful clouds as they floated off – so that’s what we call them.

Summer Activities for Kids

simple summer activity
Getting set-up to do this activity couldn’t be easier. Just grab a water bottle and cut off the bottom. Put a sock (probably one you don’t mind throwing out afterwards) over the cut end and use packing tape to make it stick to the bottle.

In a small bowl mix dawn dish detergent and a a couple TAB water.

Now drop food coloring on the sock (a grown up should supervise closely to ensure you don’t end up with food coloring on clothes!)

Dip the sock in bubble solution and blow into the bottle. Keep blowing to get super long clouds.

love these snake bubbles

It was a little windy the day we did it so the bubbles kept breaking off when they reached about 18”. (probably why my kids though they looked like clouds). 

If you did this on a non windy day I bet you could get the clouds to be a couple feet long at least!

check out all the pretty colors

Aren’t the colors beautiful!?

Summer Kids Activity: Blowing Colorful Clouds

I do want to point out that the food coloring will probably get on your child’s hands and in Goofy’s case, his stomach. It washed right off later that night. But do be careful about how much food coloring you use, especially if you adore the swimsuit or play clothes your children are wearing.

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