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Silly Grass Craft for Kids

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Kids will love this fun to make silly grass craft that is a blast to watch grow! This is the perfect spring or summer craft you’ll want to add to your summer bucket list.

Silly Grass Craft for Kids - this is such a fun spring or summer craft for kids of all ages. So many possibilities and creative options!! A must add to summer bucket list #summerbucketlistforkids #craftsforkids #grassactivities

As spring and summer start to appear, kids are ready to be outside. They are tired fo cold rainy days inside and excited to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. From the green grass, the beautiful flowers, the sweet smell or lilacs in the air, the gentle breeze, and delightful sound of children’s laughter fills the air.

As kids get out side they have their standy activities like swinging, going down the slide, sandboxes, slip n slide, drawing in chalk on their driveway, blowing bubbles, hoola hoop, playing catch, making flower crowns from dandelions, But kids enjoy having new experiences, trying something different for a change.

This summer craft for kids is one of the easiest ones you can try – and it appeals to both boys and girls because it isn’t a traditional craft that uses paint, glitter, or other messy things. This is a living craft that will change day by day. It is fun to make and even more fun to watch grow and change all season long.

Grass Craft

This project is great for parents at home, but also fun for teachers to make in their classrooms, daycare, summer camps, or at Grandma’s house. With just a few simple supplies you will be ready to make a silly fun project your children will talk about for years to come. Welcome childhood memories to your next favorite memory!
This craft grass is such a silly, fun summer activity for kids that is sure to be a favorite for years to come. So add this to your summer bucket list and get making this fun summer craft for kids!

Grass Head Craft

This is a fun project is great for a sunny day or to start on a rainy day when kids are itching to get outside.
Start out by gathering your supplies which can all be easily purchased from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.
  • panty hose (any color / size – check if mom has an old stretched out pair or try to find cheap ones at a garage sale, womens clearance department, or the dollar store)
  • pipe cleaners (your choice of colors – yellow, white, purple, green, pink, red, blue, green, etc.)
  • google eyes (large googly eyes look the best in my opinion)
  • hot glue gun (only costs $5 and I use mine all the time)
  • sand (any type of sand to fill the panyhose)
  • quick growing grass seed (whatever you have on hand)

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Cut off the leg of a pair of panty hose or stockings. Tie a knot in the end which will be the nose.

fill stocking with sand until it is the size you want

Summer Crafts for Kids

Fill the stocking with sand to make it as big or small as you’d like your people craft to be.It helps to have one person hold the hosiery open while another person carefully pours the sand in so that you don’t make a mess.

add grass on top of the sand

Lay your sand filled stocking so that the sand is laying horizontally on your surface and you can sneak in grass seed at the “top” of what will be your grass head’s head. Our grass seed we had on hand was blue which made it really easy to see where it had ended up.

From toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, kindergartners, 1st graders, 2nd graders to elementary age kids and junior high children – this summer project is fun for kids of all ages!

tie the other end of the stocking in knot and trim extra off

Tie the other end of the stocking in a knot and trim off any extra material.

See how all the grass is at the top of the grass head.

summer bucket list ideas

Summer Kids Activities

Then use your hot glue gun (carefully – with adult supervision so you don’t hurt yourself) add your facial features using googley eyes and pipe cleaners to create your grass head face. we used pipe cleaners to makes smiles, glasses, bow ties, etc. Kids will ahve fun using their creativing to design their own outdoor puppet.

Summer Kids Activities

Spring Activities for Kids

Thoroughly drench your silly crafts for kids with water. (If it is raining out – just stick it outside!) Now place your outdoor craft project in a sunny place outside like a patio table, club house, or indoors on a sunny window sill.

Don’t forget to water your grass heads 1-2x daily. If it is outside just water generously. If it is inside you can either dunk it in water or spritz with a water sprayer. The grass should emerge within a week.

Grass Craft for Kids

After 5 days we had these silly grass head crafts that my kids were just crazy about! Don’t forget to keep watering your grass head every day or two to keep the grass seed growing all summer long. The longer you let it go the longer the hair will get and you can even style the grass head, give your grass figure a hair cut or trim with scissors, etc.

HINT: We put grass down the face of the middle one so it would grow hair all over. You could try to get it to grow as just a mustache if you like. The possibilities are endless!

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