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Sunflower Life Cycle Worksheets

Kids will have fun practicing their alphabet letters, counting, subtracting, singular / plural, graphing, telling time, and so much more with this free Sunflower Life Cycle Printable Pack for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids.

FREE printable sunflower life cycle worksheets - these are such a fun way for kids to learn about plant life cycles in the spring while practicing alphabet letters, counting, subtracting, singular / plural, graphing, telling time and so much more. Fund kindergarten worksheets, preschool worksheets, prek, and first grade. #lifecycles #preschool #kindergarten


Sunflower Life Cycle Printable Pack

These Sunflower Life Cycle Printable Pack are such a fun way for kids to learn about flower life cycles while practicing alphabet letters, math, and literacy activities.

Sunflower Life Cycle

This 67-page printable pack contains a variety of math and literacy activities as well as many activities which help improve fine motor skills; all with a sunflower theme. The activities in this fun printable pack include:

  • Alphabet Cards – Cut out, laminate and use to match the lower case letters to the uppercase ones. Can also be used to spell words.
  • 3 Part Cards – Can be used to match the words to the picture or in games such as memory. These cards can also be used together with the alphabet cards. using the alphabet cards to spell out the words.
  • Sunflower Life Cycle – Write the life cycle in order.
  • Sunflower Life Cycle – Cut and Paste in order.
  • I Spy – Count the Animals / Objects – Count the objects.
  • Counting Puzzles – Cut out, laminate and use the numbers to place the puzzles back together.
  • Counting Cards – Cut out, laminate and use a peg or paperclip to clip or place a pom pom or candy onto the correct answer.
  • Size Sequencing Cards – Cut out, laminate and place in order from largest to smallest or vice versa.

Sunflower Sheets

  • Coloring Activity – Color in the object using the color listed below.
  • Do-A-Dot Letter Activity – Using a dot marker or bingo marker, dot out all of the correct letters.
  • Dice / Graphing Activity – Cut out the dice and glue together. Roll the dice and graph each object the dice lands on.
  • Trace the Letters – Improve handwriting skills while learning to spell.
  • Write the Words – Practice writing the words in your best handwriting.
  • Color / Colour by Number – Color the pictures, using the correct colors.
  • Counting Sequence – Learn to count in 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 6’s.
  • What I Know about Sunflowers – Record what you already know about Sunflowers
  • What I want to learn about Sunflowers – Record what you want to learn about Sunflowers.
  • Sunflower Life Cycle Writing Pages – Students can research each part of the sunflower life cycle and record what they have learnt or they can write a story about each part of the life cycle.
free printable kindergarten math, science, alphabet letters, and more

Sunflower Worksheets

  • What time will the Sunflowers Open? – Practice reading the time on analogue clocks.
  • Let’s Add! – Add and write the answers.
  • I can subtract! – Subtract and write the answers.
  • Singular or Plural? – Write the words listed at the bottom on the page in the correct columns.
  • Sunflower Can, Have and Are – Write about the unique features that sunflowers have with other plants in each column.
  • Sunflower Life Cycle Word Search – Find the words.
  • If I were a Sunflower… – Write a story about what it would be like to be a butterfly.
  • Nouns or Verbs? – Cut out the words at the bottom on the page and glue in the correct columns.

For all the cards and puzzles activities, I prefer to print them out on white card stock and laminate them for durability and repetitive use. They can be kept together in zip lock bags or with binder rings. After they have been cut out, laminate and use a peg or paperclip to clip or place a pom pom or candy onto the correct answer.

Have you grown sunflowers?


Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids

Download Sunflower Life Cycle Printable Pack

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