All About Pinnipeds

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If you’ve ever visited a zoo, aquarium, sea world, or famous Pier 39 in San Francisco you’ve probably been charmed and fascinated by friendly sea lions.  Even if you weren’t headed to see them, you could probably hear them making their vocalizations. Sea lions, seals, and walruses are all carnivorous, aquatic mammals that are part of a group called Pinnipeds.

These large animals are super cute and funny to watch – especially as they try to haul out their large bodies from the water. However when they swim – they are truly graceful and downright acrobatic. They are lots of fun to watch.  This fun science unit is a great way to learn more about these amazing animals for K-8th grade students.

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All the pages except for the flashcards and printable craft are in black and white to save you on printing costs. You can read the material on your laptop, desktop or phone if you want to save even more printing and paper costs. We like to print the pages and the kids color the cute pinniped clipart as we learn about these unique and amazing animals that live in the water.

Included on the pinniped facts for kids pages is instructions for a simple science experiment that will help kids understand life for seals, walrus, and sea lions even better. Doing hands on activities make things so much more memorable so they retain the information better.

  • Harp Seal Life Cycle
  • Walrus Life Cycle
  • Sea Lion Anatomy
  • Walrus Anatomy
  • Text Detective – read passage and teach kids to look for context clues with these clever color the clue reading skills for comprehension pages
  • Contrast a sea lion and a walrus with the t chart page
  • Check what kids learned by filling in the True and Fales worksheet
  • Planning your report template
  • All About Pinnipeds report form (or use it to for creative writing)
  • Pinniped writing prompts to check what they’ve learned
  • Walrus & Pup Coloring Page
  • Sea Lion Rookery Coloring Sheet
  • What I learned printable animal craft
  • Pinniped Bingo review game

2 reviews for All About Pinnipeds

  1. Sarah

    This was so fun and we learned so much! I can’t believe this huge unit only cost $1.99. I hope you make lots more of these animal units.

  2. Tammy

    I used this resource for a 1-3 grade Zoology class during distance learning. My students loved it and it fit in perfectly with my mammals unit. Thank you for a quality, engaging product!

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