Botany for Kids Lesson

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Learn about the fascinating Kingdom Plantae with this Botany for kids lesson for K-8th graders. This course covers Angiosperms, Gynosperms, Mosses / Lichens, Ferns, Monocots, Dicots, photosynthesis, germination, pollination, roots, stems, parts of a seed, parts of a flower, plant life cycle, carnivorous plants, fruits / vegetables, and tree growth.

  • Suggested Lesson Plan with 6 complete lessons with information, worksheets, and activity for each lesson
  • 35 pages of information including labeled images, life cycles, cute clipart to color, and easy explanations.
  • 25 full color plant cards to engage young learners
  • Worksheets – label the seed, label the flower, label the life cycle, label the leaf, monocot / dicot coloring page, plant, comparisson venn diagram, plant ponderings, plant lined paper, adn more!
  • Plant Report
  • All About Plants Mini Book
  • Life Cycle of a Plant Craftivity
  • Science Experiments – Germination Race, Transpiration Demonstration, Leaf Skelton, Celery Experiment
  • Cotyledon Scavenger Hunt
  • Tests with answer keys – multiple choices, short answer, and true or false

You can print the pages and have children color the cute clipart as you go or save money by reading from your laptop. Print the worksheets, craft, etc. as you need them. Print as many as you need for your family!



This is a great way to introduce children to the fascinating work of plants!  Help kids learn about how plants helps us, how they make their own food, botany vocabulary, and more with this engaging complete unit! While you can go through it however you like, we’ve conveniently broken it into 6 lessons. Each lesson has suggested pages for reading (included), worksheets to reinforce content learned, and an activity or experiment to help it all make sense. This is a unit that can be done together as a family with multipole ages or for a specific age group at a coop.

What is Botany (pages 4-10, 39-44, 45)

Learn what is botany, and explore the 4 main plant kingdoms

  • ACTIVITY – Shoe taxonomy
  • Plant cards

Seeds (pages 11-13, 46, 47, 48, 49)

Learn what seeds need to wake up, what protects seeds, the parts of a seed, what is germination.

  • Label the seed worksheet
  • Order the plant growth worksheets
  • EXPERIMENT – Seed Dissection
  • EXPERIMENT – Germination Race or Green Bean Seed Germination

Monocots, Dicots, Flowers, and Pollination (pages 14-19, 50-51, 52-53, 54-55)

Learn the differences between monocots and dicots, learn the parts of a flower, plus orders, families, and carnivorous plants.

  • Monocot and Dicot Differentiation Coloring Page
  • ACTIVITY – Cotyledon Scavenger Hunt
  • Label the Flower Worksheets

Pollination, Fruits / Vegetables (pages 20-27, 56-58, 59, 60)

Then find out what is pollination and how does it take place, plus types of fruits

  • Plant Life Cycle Craftivity or Plant Life Cycle Wheel
  • Compare and contrast fruits and vegetables using Venn Diagram
  • Plant Ponderings Worksheet

Leaves (pages 28-32, 61-62, 63-64, 65, 66)

Find out how leaves have mouths that aid in photosynthesis and transpiration, fall leaves., plus simple & compound leaves

  • Label the Leaf Worksheet
  • All About Plants Writing Assignment
  • EXPERIMENT – Transpiration Demonstration
  • EXPERIMENT – Leaf Skeleton

Roots, Stems & Tree Growth (pages 33-38, 67, 68, 69, 70-73, 74-76, 77-80 )

Find out the three ways roots are useful, the two kinds of root system, how roots know to go down, what’s in the stem, and all about tree growth.

  • EXPERIMENT – Celery Experiment
  • Plant Report and/or All About Plants Mini Book
  • Extra Venn Diagram Comparison Worksheets
  • True & False Tests (answer key included) – 2 options
  • Botany Lesson Test front and back (answer key included)

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    I’m excited to be able to share the wonder of nature with my kids (and get credit for it). Thanks for creating an inexpensive & interesting lesson plan. We also use the app LeafSnap to help us along our exploration journey.

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