All About Echinoderms & Cnidarians


Did you know that sea stars can make a clone of themselves with only a foot to start with? How about that most of the coral reef is made up of dead shells of once living coral? We have lots of fun and interesting facts about echinoderms and cnidarians in this lesson for kids from K-8th grade. The engaging lesson will teach kids how in the ocean, sand dollars are vibrant colors and tend to live in groups and that the Portuguese Man of War is a actually a colony of many jelly like animals functioning as one unit.  Then review what you’ve learned as you make a star fish life cycle craft, label the parts of a jelly fish, write a report of what you learned, and take a test.



The 40+ page unit has a variety of activities to reinforce and expand on what you’ve learned. Use the pages that are best suited to the age / abilities of your student:

  • Informative, easy-to-read text with cute clipart to help kids visualize what we are talking about
  • Links to watch free videos online of the animal up close and personal
  • Coral Polyp up close anatomy
  • Jellyfish Life Cycle (print, color, read, and learn)
  • Label the Sea Star
  • Label the Jellyfish
  • Sequence the jelly fish life cycle
  • Ocean coloring pages
  • What I know about Sea Stars writing prompt
  • Coral Fact or Fiction
  • Jellyfish vs. Sea Anemone Venn Diagram
  • Star Fish Text Detective
  • Star Fish Life Cycle Printable Craft
  • Jelly Fish Text Detective
  • Creative Writing Prompts
  • Report Template
  • Test & Answer Key


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