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FREE Hatching Baby Chicks Observation Book

Kids will studying baby chicks with these worksheets for kids. These are perfect for kids of all ages or for those wanting to make raising backyard chickens educational. Plus, don’t miss the rest  of our Backyard Chickens 101 series .

FREE Chicken Hatching Book - this is a great resource! This free printable not only teaches kids about the life cycle of a chicken, but gives them space to write down their observations as they watch chicks hatch

Backyard Chickens 101

Have you ever tried hatching baby chickens? It is a really fun and educational activity for kids. If you work it out with a local farmer, many will let you hatch eggs free as long as you are willing to bring back all the baby chicks (win-win!).

So if you decided to take part in this fun adventure of hatching chicks, here is a free pritnable hatching chicks observation book.

Hatching Baby Chickens for Kids

Did you know many farmers love helping school (preschool and homeschool too!) groups by letting them hatch their chicken eggs for free in return for bringing all the baby chicks back to the farm whent hey are several weeks old?

I am always striving to make all our fun adventures as educational as possible. So I put together this Hatching Chicks book for my kids to learn and record their egg hatching and chick observations for science class.


FREE Hatching Baby Chicks Observation Book

chicken hatching

Directions:  Print pages front & back to make a book for each child to record their observations.

chicken hatching worksheets

These chicken hatching books include not only information on the life of a chicken, but with worksheets to help kids reinforce what they’ve learned.

backyard chickens - everything you need to know to raise chickens

Don’t miss our Backyard Chickens 101  where you can follow along our hatch, raising chicks, building a chicken coop, chickens laying eggs, and more!

Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids


FREE Hatching Baby Chickens - lots of free printable worksheets, chick life cycle, egg hatching vocabulary, observation pages, and more perfect for Preschool, Prek, Kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade kids. This is an awesome science project or science experiment for kids!

Download Chicken Hatching Book

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>>Download {free} Egg Hatching & Chick Observation Book <<

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  • Thanks so much for this booklet! It’s fantastic. We just hatched our first batch of eggs and it was so much more fun than I expected. My daughter completed the booklet as we progressed through the process. I especially love the image of chick development inside the egg. It allowed us to determine how far along an egg was when it quit developing. In the end I added more “chick hatching day” pages so she could describe (and calculate times) on more than one egg hatching. I also added graphs so she could graph the weight of the eggs through out incubation and the weight of the chicks for a week after hatching.

  • Thank you so much for making this great booklet! This is my first year of homeschooling and I’m always so thankful to find amazing free resources like this. Our eggs are on day 6 and we are looking forward to our hatching day! Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us all.

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