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This interesting and engaging all about Crustaceans, Mollusks, and Cephalopods printable science lesson is a fun for the whole family. You will learn about various aquatic animals that fit in this classification including: crabs, lobsters, barnacles, bivalves, clams, octopus, squid, and more. Learn which of them can go a whole year without eating in cold water, which grow their own shells, what beautiful seashells come from which ocean animals, how some can change colors within seconds, who produced die, and so much more!

Learn all about Mollusk, Crustacean, and Cephalopod with printable science lesson filled with engaging facts, cute clipart, fun worksheets for kids including - anatomy, life cycle, fact or fiction, test & answer key and more. Discover octopus, squid, crab, lobster, scallops, oysters, and many more for Kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5h grade, 6th grade, grade 7, and grade 8 students at home, classroom, summer school or homeschoolers.

Crustaceans for kids

Whether you are looking for a fun science unit, supplement to your zoology / biology lessons, are following your child’s¬† interest, are planning fun summer learning, creating a fascinating science center, or planning for next years homeschool science lesson – you are going to love this fun, interesting, and thorough¬†about crustaceans lesson! This science lesson is perfect for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, grade 7, and grade 8. There is truly something for everyone from¬†crustaceans for kids¬†, to¬†mollusks for kids , and answering questions like are crabs mollusks.

Learn all about crustaceans such as lobsters, crabs, krill, shrimp, and more with this fun, hands on and engaging science lesson for home, coop, classroom, or homeschoolers

Crustaceans and cephalopods

Crustaceans are animals whose bodies are made of segments, a tough outer shell, two pairs of antennae, and limbs that are jointed. They can be very large like the North Atlantic lobster that can weigh over 40 pounds, long like the Japanese spider crab with legs up to t12 feet long, or less than a millimeter in length. Crustacean are covered with armor called an exoskeleton.¬† You will learn how these animals molt, behave, reproduce / life cycle, label their body parts (they have three mouth parts), video links, colorful flashcards, and so much more! We’ve included information about lobster, crayfish, fiddler crabs, hermit crabs, shrimp, krill (a keystone species), barnacles, and horseshoe crabs.

get ready to be fascinated as you learn about mollusks - clams, oysters, bivalves, mussels, snails, and more. Unit lesson includes information with images, worksheets, colorful photographs, answer key, coloring pages, label the anatomy, and more!

Mollusks and crustaceans

Mollusks are soft, slimy creatures with squishy bodies. Some examples of mollusks¬†include snails, slugs, oysters, clams, mussels,¬†sea slugs, and others. Every seashell you find¬†on the beach was made by a mollusk (including¬†the crustacean hermit crabs live in).,¬† but¬†not all mollusks make shells.¬† Learn how mollusks have a siphon to intake and excrete water, how they have a foot, where pearls come from, the many tiny eyes of the scallop, huge 500lb clams, and how some mollusk like the whelk drill into other mollusk shells. The pdf file include black and white pages filled with interesting information and cute clipart. In addition, you will download colorful flashcards, fact and opinion, mollusk worksheets to label the anatomy, write down what you’ve learned on the report template, or print the colorful flashcards.

tons of interesting facts and information for kids to learn about cephalopods such as squid, octopus, nautilus, and cuttlefish. Printables to label anatomy, learn about octopus life cycles, text detective, same and different, coloring pages, worksheets, and more.
Kids will be fascinated learning about octopuses!

Cephalopods for Kids

Cephalopods are a type of mollusk, but since they are so intelligent and fascinating we included a whole section for students to learn about octopus, squid, nautilus and cuttlefish. Amazing aquatic cephalopods can change colors in a split second, change the shape of their body to fit in small cracks, have three hearts that pump blood, powered by jet propulsion, and even make their own ink.¬† In addition to the pages filled with fun facts, you will find printables to label the anatomy, learn the life cycles, complete worksheets,¬† buoyancy science experiment (including recording sheet) and see what you’ve learned with a text. There are 54 pages in this huge pack all together filled with lots of cute clipart that will keep Kindergarteners,¬† grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 engaged and learning!

All About Whales and Dolphins lesson for kids. Printable information, facts, worksheets, label the whale, whale life cycle and more!   Fish for kids lesson plan filled with tons of fun information and facts including shape, camouflage, life cycles, label anatomy, tests, experiments on swim bladder / buoyancy, lateral lines, and more!

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Worksheets and lesson on mollusks, crustaceans, and cephalopods for kids!

About Crustaceans

Because of the sheer amount of time this resource took to create, there is a small fee to purchase this impressive pack filled with information, links to animal videos, science worksheets, science craft, and more! But you know me, my heart is to keep things free (or as close to free as I can possibly make them) so this amazing unit for you to study lobsters, crabs, shellfish, octopus, squids & more is only $1.99!


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