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Beautiful Suncatcher Craft with Flowers

Kids will love this fun, easy, summer craft for kids of all ages! Pick some wild flowers or make use of dried up cut flower to make these beautiful flower suncatchers crafts.

Flower Sun catcher Summer Craft - This is such a fun, easy to make, craft for kids from toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade kids. This is such a pretty art project for kids to add to your summer bucket list. This is perfect for an at home summer art camp. #summercrafts #craftsfrokids #summerbucketlist

One of my favorite things about spring and summer is all the natural beauty! I love the abundance of beautiful flowers in various shapes, sizes, and all the COLORS of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and every shade in between! Their are so many different varieties and they each bloom for such a small time before they make way for the next flower to be center stage. Besides enjoying these flower outside my window in hanging basket or at the local park, I wanted to capture and keep the beauty for the entire summer and beyond!

Sadly, some flowers bloom for only a matter of weeks before they are done for the year. This beautiful flower craft for kids allows you to preserve your the beauty just before they start fading… so you can enjoy them the rest of the summer!


Craft with Flowers

You need access to flowers. You can pick ones in your backyard, in the grocery store, wild flower on a natuer walk, or however else you like to get them. We like to pick flowers that are just about to go bast their prime so we can enjoy them fresh as long as possible.  You want the flowers to be dry – so pick them after the morning sun has dried them out from any morning dew.

Supplies needed:

  • flowers
  • paper paltes – we used green plates  but you can use any color, size, or variety you have on hand
  • self-seal laminating sheets – DON’t try to put fresh flowers through your laminator! The self seal laminating pouches are the quick and easy way to go on this project. Your laminator will thank you!

cut center out of a green paper plate

Start the craft for kids by cutting out the center of the small green plate, leaving the circle frame intact. We did this by carefully poking a hole in the middle of the plate and sliding our scissors in through the hole and cutting the radius of the cricle towars the edge. Then we switched directions and cut around the circumerence of the circle.


Fold a self-seal laminating sheet in half then cut the sheet to just 1-2″ bigger than  the size of the green plate frame.

Open up half of the laminating sheet (unto the fold) and have your child place flower, pedals, or leaves on the sheet in the pattern they like.

This is a great time for kids to pick colors they like, pick patterns. Build vocabulary by having children tell you wahat color or shape they picked. Ask them why they like that color. Encourage kids to make a pattern with some white space to draw your eye to the preserved flowers.


Flower Suncatcher

Now pull back the paper from the other half of the laminating sheet and carefully press it on top of the flowers. Make sure you use your finger to get all parts touching by going on top of the flowers, between the flowers, create a lot of pressure and get right up close to the petals. Air bubbles not only don’t look very pretty, but they allow any leftover moisture from the flowers stay there and the air can age the flowers.

Make a variety of different pouches with different colors and designs.


Suncatcher Craft

Now one-by-one, tape the self-sealing-laminating sheet to the back (white side) of the paper plate. We like to use tape because it is less messy than glue and it allows us to finish the project quicker, but you could also use drick or liquid glue as well as a glue gun if you prefer. Make sure you affix all sides of the pouch to the back of the paper plate frame.

Repeat with all other pouches so that each one has a pretty frame.

Simple to make and beautiful flower craft for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kids to make as part of the summer bucket list

There you have it – a simple to make, pretty summer craft with flowers that kids of all ages will enjoy making. Ish’t that so pretty!

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Flower Craft Ideas

I love the way the air pockets and creases in the self-sealing laminating pages look. They give it such a pretty antiqued look. Pretty, right? Just make sure you get as close to the flowers as possible.

These are beautiful to hang on windows, sliding glass doors, and anywhere else that you get light through them to really point out the beauty of these DIY suncatchers.

Beautiful and easy to make craft with flowers

These beautiful flower suncatchers will brighten up any window. Each one is different and fun to make. Plus these suncatchers make a great gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or Grandparents Day.

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