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Flower Rhyming Words Worksheets

Kids will have fun practicing rhyming with these free printable Rhyme Time Flowers worksheets! This is perfect for kindergarten and first grade kids.

FREE Flower Rhyming Words Worksheets - these rhyming flowers printable are such a fun way for kindergarten and first grade kids to practice rhyming with a fun spring or summer theme. #rhyming #worksheets #homeschooling #kindergarten #firstgrade

I remember when my daughter was first taught the idea of rhyming. She grasp the concept but would make up words to fit the rhyme. For instance, she would say cat, mat, zat. The cat and mat rhyme and technically zat does rhyme with cat, if it were a real word. So we started doing rhyming activities, much like this Rhyme Time Flower, so that she could learn rhymes without losing the aspect of real words.

Flower Rhyming Words Worksheets

Flower Rhyming Words Worksheets
Rhyme Time Flowers is the perfect activity for rhyming because it helps kids explore rhyming words one word at a time. Each flower has a different core word and each petal has a different word that rhymes with the core word. This is especially beneficial for kids because it is one step at a time. They only have to fill in one petal at a time, so it will help them slow down and think about the words themselves.
At the same time, it doesn’t take away from the excitement of rhyming. Rhyming is fun. It is sort of like a game that is learning and basically only words.
Materials Needed
  • Printable Rhyme Time Flower Sheets
  • Writing Utensil Of Choice
How To use
This rhyming activity is extremely simple. There are two options, the first is a blank Rhyme Time Flower sheet. On this you can choose your own word for the child to rhyme. Once you have written the word on the line, the child can write rhyming words in the flower petals. Some words may not have enough rhyming words to fill the flower, but that is okay.
The second option is the predetermined words. I chose 14 words and typed them on the line. This way you can hand the sheets to the child and they can work on those words. I would ask them to follow the same process of writing the rhyming words in the flower petals. Again, some words may not have enough rhyming words to fill all of the petals.
Rhyme Time Flowers
Extend The Activity
When the rhyming words are all filled into the petals, if the child would like to continue with these printables, they can color the petals and draw more flowers around on the blank spaces of the page.

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