Category - Flowers

Simple Mason Jar Lid Craft with Flowers

This Mason Jar Lid Craft is such a fun, beautiful flower summer craft that is fun to make and simply stunning to look at and enjoy all summer long.

Beautiful Suncatcher Craft with Flowers

Kids will love this fun, easy, summer craft for kids of all ages! Pick some wild flowers or make use of dried up cut flower to make these beautiful flower crafts.

FREE Flower Fractions

Kids will have fun practicing fractions with these free printable flower fraction worksheets and spring fraction puzzles. These are perfect for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students.

Impressionism Art Project for Kids

Kids will love this simple Impressionism Art project for kids that is fun and simple to make. They will love making this rain art during the spring, summer, or fall seasons when their is rain in the...

FREE Flower Writing Numbers Practice

Kids will have fun practicing writing numbers 1-30 with these FREE, spring themed, Flower Writing Numbers Practice. These are perfect for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids.

Flower Rhyming Words Worksheets

Kids will have fun practicing rhyming with these free printable Rhyme Time Flowers worksheets! This is perfect for kindergarten and first grade kids.

Painted Flower Craft

Today we are sharing a pretty and fun craft for Spring or Summer! This Painted Flower Craft for Kids is simple, yet has a beautiful result of colorful flowers that pop out from the page. Kids can...

Flower Theme

Study flowers with this delightful week-long flower theme. Just pick your favorite books and educational activities to have a fabulous week learning with your kids!

FREE Match the Flower Preschool Worksheet

What reminds you most about Spring? Rain? Green grass? Warmer weather(yes please!) Flowers? For me it is definitely flowers! Here is a pretty Spring themed printable activity for your younger kids...

FREE Flower Word Family Cut and Paste

Kids will have fun practicing word families with these fun, cut and paste word family worksheets. These will be great for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade kids to practice phonics...

FREE Spring Number Puzzles

These free printable Spring Number Puzzles are such a fun way for preschool, kindergarten and first grade kids to practice counting to 20 and writing number words too!

Sunflower Life Cycle Worksheets

Kids will have fun practicing their alphabet letters, counting, subtracting, singular / plural, graphing, telling time, and so much more with this free Sunflower Life Cycle Printable Pack for...

Felt Board Flower Craft

Who doesn’t love a DIY felt board? You’re looking for kids’ art activities that include a theme such as Easter or spring, but you don’t want a one-time craft that your kiddo will create and then...

Simple Sunflower Craft

Celebrate the arrival of spring with this super cute Simple Sunflower Craft perfect to make with kids of all ages.

Kids Paint Splatter Art Activity Flower Craft

Are spring flowers on your mind? Okay, so there still may be some chilly weather (and maybe even some snow) in places. But, we’re all looking forwards to spring. Right? Your child can get ready for...

20 Creative Ways to Learn with Flower

Spring is here, bringing beautiful flowers with it. Your children would love to take a break from their studies to smell the roses. With these STEM activities for preschoolers, elementary students...

Spring Flowers Chromatography Science Project

Spring is almost here and one of our favorite parts of spring is when all the beautiful and colorful flowers start blooming. So when we decided to try a little experiment with colors, it made perfect...