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Edible Ice Cream Playdough Recipe

Kids are going to flip over this amazing edible playdough recipe that they can shape to look just like ice cream cones!

Edible Ice Cream Playdough Recipe - amazing 2 ingredient playdough recipe perfect for toddler, preschool, kindergarten and kids of all ages for an ice cream thing, kids activity, or summer bucket list #playdough #playdoughrecipes #icecream

Ice Cream Theme Ideas


Edible Playdough

Amazing funfetti playdough recipe

This funfetti playdough recipe couldn’t be any easier! Mix together 1/2 can of funfetti frosting and 2 cups of powdered sugar. If it is too dry, add in a spoonful more frosting. If it is too sticky, add a little powdered sugar. We like to make 1/2 batches so we can make several different colors. The extra frosting is great for an impromptu batch of cupcakes 😉

HINT: If you are looking for a big batch you mix one can Funfetti frosting with 4 cups powdered sugar.

Use an ice cream scoop to make scoops of your frosting playdough

We like to use an ice cream scoop to scoop up this amazing frosting playdough. It scoops just like real ice cream!

This 2 ingredient playdough recipe couldn't be easier to make

Just because we use an ice cream scoop doesn’t mean you can’t use your hands. This 2 ingredient playdough recipe is non-sticky and easy to play with and mold.

My kids weren’t sure it was going to “feel” like playdough, but it does!

Ice Cream Play Recipes

Now it’s time to scoop your ice cream playdough onto cones and bring on the sprinkles!

This ice cream playdough is so good you can eat it, literally as it is edible!

Easy Playdough Recipe

This ice cream playdough is so good you can eat it…. and lucky for your toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kiddo – they can literally eat it as it is edible!

Not that I’m advising they eat it all as that would be a LOT of sugar. You still need to use some common sense 😉 

My kids thought it was hilarious when I made it look like the ice cream play dough was spilling

My kids thought it was hilarious when I made it look like the ice cream play dough was spilling

Kids will love playing and eating this edible playdough

Ice Cream Playdough

We like making several batches of the edible playdough so the kids can play ice cream shop.  Kids will love scooping the strawberry, blueberry, melon, chocolate, vanilla, etc. ice cream. The skies the limit as far as flavors. Plus the kids can mix colors to create a new flavor.

This amazing ice cream playdough recipe uses frosting!

Frosting Playdough

You will be blown away by how much this playdough recipe really scoops, looks, and feels like ice cream! Chill it slightly to make it feel cold like ice cream too!

Kids will have fun scooping this edible play dough as a fun summer activity.

Kids will have fun scooping this edible play dough as a fun summer activity. Challenge them to see how many scoops they can fit on the cone before it falls off.

This easy playdough recipe is only 2 ingredients and makes an amazing edible ice cream activity

I know your family will love this easy playdough recipe! It is perfect on its own as a summer activity, to add to your summer bucket list, or for an Ice Cream Theme.

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