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Hot Chocolate PlayDough Recipe

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Hot chocolate is not just for drinking. We made a fun sensory activity by using hot chocolate mix to make a deliciously smelling Hot Chocolate PlayDough Recipe with a super fun texture. Plus this is the perfect way to celebrate National Chocolate Day on October 28th.

Your kids are going to go nuts for this easy-to-make hot chocolate playdough recipe. It is a homemade playdough recipe, playdough recipe without cream of tartar and an edible playdough recipe which makes it a playdough recipe best if you ask me!

One of my daughter’s favorite drinks is hot chocolate. It can be pushing 90 degrees out with 100% humidity and she will still ask for hot chocolate. We have made cookies, cakes, pudding, and so many more edible treats with hot chocolate mix but I wanted to try something totally new.

We like making our own play dough and slime. We have made silky smooth play dough and we made fun Borax Free Gummy Bear Slime. Both of them were super fun and turned out really well. So when the idea came to me to substitute some of the flour in our favorite play dough mix with hot chocolate mix – my daughter and I were almost giddy at the thought.

Hot Chocolate PlayDough Recipe

This Hot Chocolate PlayDough Recipe is super simple actually. If you have made play dough before, or even if you haven’t, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
homemade playdough recipe tat is a playdough recipe without cream of tartar

Ingredients Needed:

1 Cup of Hot Chocolate Mix
2 Cups Of Flour
3/4 Cup Of Salt
1 Cup Baking Soda
1/2 Cup + 3 TBS Water
1/4 Cup Of Oil


We mixed all of the dry ingredients together with a fork in one bowl. Next we added the oil and stirred. It looked like brownie mix. I highly doubt with all the salt and baking soda that it tasted like brownie mix, but it sure looked like it!

Next we slowly added the water and mixed at the same time. Stir until ball starts to form. Take the ‘ball’ out and drop on floured surface.

Hot Chocolate Play Dough Mix

Roll around, kneed, mix, squish, poke, pound.. whatever you need to do to get it all mixed up. This is the fun part, right? When all of the white powder look is gone, the play dough is ready to play with. If you haven’t been playing already.

edible playdough recipe

We first played with coffee cups. We filled and ‘poured’ and my daughter pretended to work at a coffee shop, serving me my favorite drink.

We played with chocolate chips, mixing in pretending to make chocolate chip cookies.

We also added some marshmallows.

national chocolate day

I loved this because it wasn’t anymore expensive than regular play dough and it has a double sensory aspect. Not only is playing with play dough a sensory activity on its own, but the scent that comes from this recipe is phenomenal.

Whether you are making this for a classroom or for home, whether it’s close to Christmas, National Chocolate Day (on October 28), Hot Chocolate Day (on January 31),  or a random Wednesday in February – this is a MUST make!

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