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39 Better than Summer School Ideas

Summer is no time to throw learning out the window. Instead, it’s a great time to go outside and have fun while learning! These better than summer school ideas are perfect for anyone teaching summer school, summer camp, or parents who just want their kids to keep learning.

Ideas that are better than summer school to help kids learn throughout the summer as they practice alphabet letters, abcs, counting, addition, subtraction, summer science, summer stem, summer steam, and more.

Better than Summer School Ideas

If you want to keep your kids learning this summer, then it’s time to start your own summer school! These summer school ideas make it easy for your kids to learn what they need to, all while getting outside and staying active. Here are some ways you can teach your kids all they need to know about language arts, math, and science.


Summer School Ideas for Language Arts

Reading, writing, and spelling are important language arts skills that your kids need to keep practicing this summer. These summer school ideas can help you teach these language arts skills, all while having fun in the sun.

  1. Summer Alphabet Clay Art – Practice your letters in the sun with this fun summer activity!
  2. Water Balloon ABCs – Practice the alphabet while cooling off with this fun summer school idea.
  3. Summer ABC Alphabet Matching – Head outside and enjoy this alphabet matching game.
  4. Block Bridges – Practice those CVC reading words outside with this building activity.
  5. Sidewalk Word Families Fun – Your kids will enjoy hopping and skipping their way to reading with this summer school activity.
  6. Jump and Spell – Need to practice spelling this summer? Here’s a fun activity.
  7. Dart Gun Spelling Practice – Check out this fun spelling activity. It’s perfect for summer learning.
  8. Take Learning the Alphabet Outside – Practice those letters outside this summer.
  9. Garden ABC Hunt – What will your kids learn outside with this ABC hunt?
  10. Sidewalk Chalk Letter Sound Hide & Seek – Play a fun game of hide & seek this summer… while learning about letter sounds!
  11. ABC Monster Mash – Here’s a fun way to learn the alphabet while playing outside.
  12. Paint Gun Parts of Speech – Does your child need practice with the different parts of speech? This fun summer school idea is perfect for you!

Summer School Ideas for Math

Practicing math all summer long will help prevent your kids from forgetting what they’ve learned this past year. Add in the fact that these summer school ideas are fun and hands-on, and your kids are sure to remember those important math skills.

  1. Numbers and Counting – This outdoor activity is a perfect way to practice numbers this summer.
  2. Watermelon Seeds Counting Set – Practice counting while having a tasty treat outside this summer.
  3. Pool Noodle Addition Math – Here’s a fun way to practice math this summer!
  4. Outdoor Math and Movement Game – Your kids will love learning math as they get some exercise this summer.
  5. Finding Symmetry in Nature – Head outside for this fun math scavenger hunt!
  6. Water Balloon Game – What a fun way to practice math facts this summer!
  7. Go Outside: Shape Hopscotch – Check out this fun way to learn about shapes this summer.
  8. Outdoor Number Order Sort – This number order sort is perfect for outdoor learning.
  9. Car Race Counting Game – Take a look at this outdoor counting game that kids will love!
  10. Number Recognition Play – Summer fun and learning can both be a priority with this outdoor game.
  11. Teach Tally Marks – This outdoor lesson is a great way to teach your kids how to make tally marks.
  12. Geometry for Kids: Finding Shapes at the Playground – Take a walk to the nearest playground and have fun with this summer math activity.

Summer School Ideas for Science

Science experiments don’t need to be conducted in a lab. Instead, head outside and have fun with science using these summer school ideas.

  1. Lego Zipline Kids Activity – This science activity is sure to make your child’s summer more fun.
  2. Blowing Colorful Clouds – This summer activity is perfect for teaching all about clouds.
  3. Ice Boat Races – It’s easy to teach science with this summer activity. Kids will love changing the track length and incline as they predict which boat will be fastest.
  4. Pop Rock Science Experiment – This science experiment is perfect for summer since it’s sure to get messy!
  5. Make a PVC Xylophone – Combine science and music with this summer school idea.
  6. Water Balloon Science Experiment – Head outside this summer and have some water balloon science fun!
  7. How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag – This summer school science experiment is also a delicious treat.
  8. Baking Soda Powered Boats Experiment – Explore science and water with this summer school experiment.
  9. Make a Solar Light – Here’s a great way to explore science this summer!
  10. Pendulum Painting – Check out this summer school activity that combines science, painting and FUN!
  11. Lego Water Wheel – How can you power a water wheel in your very own backyard? Find out with this summer school experiment.
  12. Science Fun: Water Coaster – Can your kids make this water coaster work? Challenge them this summer!
  13. Fizzy Frozen DIY Chalk Paint – Make science fun this summer with this experiment.
  14. Sink or Float Experiment with Nature – This summer experiment is a fun way for kids of all ages to learn about science.
  15. How Waterproof is It? – Take a look at this fun summer science experiment!

Regardless if summer school is required for your kids or simply something you want to do to keep your kids learning, these ideas are sure to keep your kids excited about learning. These better than summer school ideas will give your kids the chance to head outside for some fun, all while practicing language arts, math, and science.

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