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  • Are you looking for playdough recipes to whip up your own batch of play dough that is WAY better than store bought? You only need a couple common ingredients to make our homemade playdough!
  • Each easy playdough recipe will show you, step-by-step, how to make playdough.  Some of our play recipes only use 2 ingredients! Whenther you make our super soft playdoh with hair conditioner, our more traditional recipe using kool aid making it smell amazing, or our 2 ingredient Ice Cream EDIBLE playdough recipe – you will never go back to chemical ridden play doh you can buy at the store.
  • Don’t miss our dozens and dozens of free playdough mats to help kids practice alphabbet letters, numbers, shapes, counting, and so much more whie building hand muscles and creating with this dough!

Amazing Color Changing Playdough

Take your homemade playdough to a whole new level of FUN with this amazing Color Changing Playdough recipe. This is sure to be a hit with toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd...

BEST Peeps Playdough Recipe

In under 2 minutes you can make the BEST peeps playdough with just 3 ingredients. This easy playdough recipe is EDIBLE! The epic Easter activity for toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, kindergartners...

Amazing Kool Aid Playdough Recipe

Get ready for the easiest, best smelling, most wonderful playdough recipe ever – Kool Aid Playdough Recipe. Come check it out! Post Updated: Post originally published October 21, 2011.

Hot Chocolate PlayDough Recipe

Hot chocolate is not just for drinking. We made a fun sensory activity by using hot chocolate mix to make a deliciously smelling Hot Chocolate PlayDough Recipe with a super fun texture. Plus this is...

Edible Candy Corn Playdough Recipe

In less than 5 minutes you can have this beautiful, EDIBLE, fall playdough recipe! Your kids will love playing with this Edible Candy Corn Playdough Recipe that is made from candy corn!

Easy To Make Glitter Bouncing Balls

Looking for something fun to make with your kids? Try making these super fun, Easy To Make Glitter Bouncing Balls for your next kids activities.

Christmas Tree Puffy Paint

This homemade Christmas Tree Puffy Paint is sure to be a hit at your house with all your Christmas crafts for kids! The thick texture and super cool artwork is sure to impress preschoolers and older...

Apple Pie Playdough Recipe for Play

Here is an all new playdough recipe perfect for fall. This Apple Pie Playdough Recipe for Play has the perfect texture for little hands to build and mold while at the same time delightfully spelling...

Crayon Floam Dough Recipe

Make your own fun to play with floam dough recipe using crayons and some other easy-to-get ingredients. This is one really fun kids activities.

Edible Playdough for Toddlers

You are going to flip over how simple to make this edible playdough recipe is. The secret ingredient is baby cereal!

Easy Watermelon Moon Sand Recipe

Your kids are going to love this fun, easy-to-make play recipe. Watermelon moon sand recipe smells amazing and is loads of fun to play with. Great for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary...

Bubble Gum Playdough Recipe

Ready for a new playdough recipe that will excite your kids. Try this Bubble Gum Playdough Recipe! This is a fun sensory kids activities for all year long!

Pink Lemonade Playdough Recipe for Summer

Kids are going to love this fun summer recipe for PLAY! This simple to make pink lemonade playdough recipe is sure to be a hit with kid of all ages as a fun summer kids activities.

Candy Dough Recipe for PLAY

Your kids are going to love this new recipe for playdough that uses only 2 ingredients to make this safe-to-eat and fun-to-play with playdough recipe!

Snowman in a Jar Playdough

These adorable Snowman Playdough Recipe in a Jar are made of play dough and would make an adorable gift for kids!

Crayon Playdough recipe

If you are looking for a new playdough recipe you are going to love the beautiful colors you get this crayon playdough recipe.

30 Incredible Fall Playdough Recipes

Get ready for fall with over 30 unique and creative Fall Playdough Recipes! They will delights your preschool child with the bold colors, fall smells, and creative recipes.

20+ Amazing Playdough Recipes

Are you looking for a huge variety of the best playdough recipes out there? I’ve scoured the internet looking for the best, most interesting, and creative playdough recipes out there . Here are over...

EASY Chocolate Playdough Recipe

This Chocolate Playdough Recipe is a really fun Valentines Day kids activities. It is easy to make and smells chocolaty good! It is especially fun to play with an empty heart chocolate box for...