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Looking for fun, creative and engaging Ice cream activities and crafts for kids? You will love all our creative ideas! We have edible ice cream playdough, ice cream themed learning activities, crafts, recipes, and so much more!

Popsicle Division Puzzles

Knowing multiplication facts and division facts are important, and finding fun ways to practice is especially important too. And these division Popsicle puzzles are one fun way to get in division...

Ice Cream Summer Bucket List

Looking for a fun, visual summer bucket list for your family? You’ll love this ice cream scoop themed printable.

Ice cream Counting Cards

Scoop up some fun with these ice cream counting printables for preschool and kindergarten age kids.

FREE Ice Cream Alphabet Puzzles

Mastering the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet is a skill that all preschoolers and kindergarteners work towards. With fun, printable activities like our Ice Cream Alphabet Puzzles...

FREE Ice Cream Make 10 Clip Cards

How much fun would it be to practice addition using ice cream themed clip cards? These Ice Cream Make 10 Clip Cards are so versatile and easy to use! The kids will LOVE learning addition. Today, I...

20 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Summer is here! Time to try out a few homemade ice cream recipes! I have searched for the best, the easiest, the weirdest and the healthiest recipes on the web and here they are! Enjoy!

Ice Cream Number Bonds

Although most of you are on a Summer break, this fun ice cream summer learning activity could slyly work itself into your day. Learning about bonds in this way can be such fun it won’t feel...

Digraph Ice Cream Puzzles

Kids will love solving theseDigraph Ice Cream Puzzles! This set of free puzzles features both beginning and ending digraphs.

Place Value Ice Cream Match

Kids will love counting tens and ones with these Place Value Ice Cream Match! I love using them for small group work or as part of a math center.

Place Value Ice Cream Sundae Activity

My kids and I are counting down the days to summer break. And they already have a celebration planned when it comes: an ice cream sundae bar! I thought the idea was brilliant and I think I’m as...

Ice Cream Emergent Reader

Kids are going to love practicing sentences, reading comprehension, sight words, and more with this fun farm themed Create-Your-Own Reader.  This activity is suitable for Kindergarten, 1st grade, and...

Word Endings Ice Cream Shop

Here is a fun language arts activity for kids! Kindergarten, 1st graders, and 2nd graders will love practicing word endings s, ed, ing, and er.

How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

You have to try this summer activity for kids! It is quick, easy, and FUN to make ice cream in a bag. Here is our favorite recipe plus step-by-step instructions for this kids activities .

FREE Printable Ice Cream Scoops Math Game

Kids will love practicing adding up simple numbers with this fun, free printable cool math games – Ice Cream Scoops. What a great way to practice math in the summer.

40 Ice Cream Crafts and Kids Activities

Get ready for summer with all these fun and creative ice cream crafts! There are so many ideas to choose from for kids of all ages the hardest part is figuring out which one to add to your summer...

FREE Ice Cream Coloring Sheets for Summer

Here are some fun and FREE printable Summer Ice Cream Coloring Pages for Toddlers and Preschoolers to color. These are lots of fun for a summer ice cream theme.

How to Make Ice Cream Fudgesicles

This is the perfect summer treat for kids. These homemade fudgesicles recipes are easy to make, use real ingredients, and taste amazing!