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Kite Alphabet Craft

This super cute, Kites alphabet activity is a fun way for kids to practice identifying the letters words start with and to make a fun alphabet craft too! Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, and kindergarteners to make this summer.

FREE Alphabet Kites - this spring alphabet craft is such a fun way for kids to practice beginning sounds with a fun alphabet activity for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids. #alphabet #kindergarten

Spring has sprung! The weather has gotten warmer, the grass has greened up; spring bulbs like crocus, daffodiles, and tulips have come and gone. The sweet swell of magnolias has finished and lilacs are adding their sweet blossoms to the gentle breeze. Trees have full green leaves instead of little buds.

As much as spring is a welcome site for winter weary parents, teachers, children, and homsechoolers everywhere – that means that kids are a little more quirmy. Kids don’t want to sit and do school work or focus on learning from a book. They want to get outside and run through that grass, play at the plaground, swing on the swings, and fly kites! Unfortunately, spring break will not be long enough to quench their thirst for freedom to play all day, but at least we can do some fun, educational learning activities that should engage kids so they want to still learn!

We love using themed learning activities for toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten, and first grade students to keep them engaged all year long. Your classroom will love using this free printable spring alphabet activity as extra practice, seatwork, homework, literacy center, or just a fun printable craft to brighten your bulletin board.


Kite Printable

Kids will have fun making Alphabet Kites to celebrate spring while they practice beginning sounds in this adorable alphabet craft.


ABC Printable

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Now download, save, and print the pages. There is a seperate page (kite) for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z so you can print just the letter you are working on, have each student do a different letter kite, or use them along with a letter of the week program to feature the letter you are working on.


Alphabet Craft

Students will color the printable alphabet kite using crayons, markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or whatever other writing utencil you like to use. Make sure to color both the diamond shaped kite, upper and lowercase letter, and the tail tassels for the words that start with that alphabet letter.

Notice there are 6 possible tassles to add to your alphabet kites. Not every word starts with the featured letter. These spring phonics worksheets are a fun way for kids to practice letter sounds.


Kindergarten Alphabet

Have students write their featured letter on the line and sound out / say the word they made. Not all of the 6 clipart will spell an item that starts with the featured letter. So besides being a great way to practicing writing letters, it is great for students to listen for letters in words.a. For example, above students are adding the J to spell jet, jacket, jug, jar, and jellyfish.  Read the words together to help kids learn how to say words and work on phonemic awareness.

Next step in this Spring phonics activities is to carefully cut out the kite and tassels, Now tape 12-16″ of yarn (any color) to the back of the kite. Finally tape tassels onto the rope with the picture facing the same side as the kite features.

FREE Printable Spring Craft - kids will find all the kite tassels that beginning the same same sound as the kite to make this fun, alphabet kite for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students #alphabet #preschool #kindergarten

Spring Phonics Activity

This Spring Alphabet craft is a fun way for kids to practice identifying beginning sounds of words.

  • A is for apple, axe, ant, alligator, airplane
  • B is for boots, bus, banana, bee, ball
  • C is for cactus, calculator, carrot, and cat
  • D is for dog, drum, dice, donut, and drill
  • E is for elf, envelope, elephant, and egg
  • F is for flag, flamingo, fork, football, and fan
  • G is for grapes, glasses, game, and goat
  • H is for hand, heart, ham, hat, and hen
  • I is for ink, iguana, igloo, and ice cream
  • J is for jacket, jar, jet, jug, and jellyfish
  • K is for koala, kayak, kettle, ketchup, key, and kiwi
  • L is for lemon, laundry, lion, lock, and leaf
  • M is for mouth, mug, moon, magnet, and map
  • N is for net, nut, nose, nest, and note
  • O is for oboe, ox, olive, octopus, and oven
  • P is for panda, pail, pie, pacifie, and pea
  • Q is for quilt, quiete, queen, and quail
  • R is for ring, rain, rug, radio, and rose
  • S is for snowflake, spider, strawberry, snail, and spider
  • T is for tub, tooth, tomato, tent, and taco
  • U is for unicycle, underwear, umbrella, unicorn, and urn
  • V is for vulture, vest, vine, van, and volcano
  • W is for web, wing, watermelon, and worm
  • X is for xray, xylopohone, and fox
  • Y is for yolk, yak, yaht, yo-yo, and yams
  • Z is for zero, zipper, zuchini, and zebra

a-to-z-letter-find free-alphabet-hats

Alphabet Printables

Looking for more free printable alphabet worksheets? You will love these we’ve made!

 Spring Letter Matching Activity for preschoolers and kindergartners  Name printable flower craft

Spring Learning Activities

Kids will have fun learning a variety of math and literacy skills with these educational activities for spring.

Download Spring Phonics Kites

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