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Beautiful Bleeding Tissue Paper Rain Craft

Kids will love this fun-to-make Beautiful Bleeding Tissue Paper Rain Craft! It is simple to make with endless options for more beautiful art projects to make in the rain.

Beautiful Rainy Day Craft for Kids - this is such a fun to make craft in the rain! All you need is crayon and bleeding tissue paper to make this stunning sunset art project for kids. perfect for spring or summer kids activities or summer bucket list for your toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade #rain #craftforkids #kidsactivities

Rainbow Activities for Kids

Beautiful Bleeding Tissue Paper Rain Craft

Looking for rainy day craft ideas? You will love this fun and simple-to-make craft for kids. They will make the picture inside, cover it with special tissue paper, and then let the rain out side make the picture come alive! Come take a peak how – you definitely want to try this fun art project for kids of all ages!
Draw a scene with crayon on watercolor paper

For this project you need:

Draw the major elements of your picture, but leave the backdrop white.
Place strips of bleeding tissue paper over your art project for kids
Cut strips of bleeding tissue paper and cover your picture strategically.

Rainy Day Craft Ideas

You can make a beautiful sunset craft for kids by layering strips of yellow, orange, and red
On our picture under the boat is water so we made it blue and the rest of the strips we made shades of a beautiful sunset.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

This beautiful rain craft is the perfect rainy day activities for kids. It is simple, stunning results, and fun kids activity in the rain!

now put your part project out in the rain or spray with a water bottle to make color bleed in this bleeding tissue paper crayon rainy day craft for kids
Set your art project outside in the rain. As the rain saturates the bleeding tissue paper the color will run onto the paper, After 3 minutes pull off the tissue paper and bring your project inside to dry on a paper towel.
HINT: You can add tissue paper on top for a second layer of color if you like.
crayon bleeding tissue paper, rainy day art project
Isn’t that beautiful! I just love how the tissue paper creates such a natural, blending of colors to make a perfect sunset.
in this version we used markers with the bleeding tissue paper rainy day kids activities
We tried making this rainy day craft using markers too. It does work, but you need to be aware that the markers will bleed too so you will only want to let it sit for a couple minutes. Also, make sure that any marker you use is simple and in just a few spots.
This is our lighthouse at sunrise made in the rain.
If you are looking for another cute rain craft for kids to make indoors you will want to try this clever Bubble Wrap Rain Craft perfect for kids of all ages.
This painting rainbows with cars is another fun art project to try indoors while waiting for the rainbow that can appear after the rain.

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