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FREE Caterpillar CVC Words

Do you need a quick and easy activity that will help your young learners practice CVC words? If so, look no further! I’ve got just what you need.

FREE Caterpillar CVC Words - this fun, free printable, hands on activity is sure to make practicing reading fun with a cvc activity - perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. #cvcwords #kindergarten #literacy

CVC Activities


CVC Words

This Caterpillar CVC Words activity takes a little bit of prep work to get it ready, but it’s well worth the effort in the end. Your beginning readers will love building caterpillars while working on simple CVC words.


Learning to read CVC words takes a lot of practice. Blending sounds together to make a word that kids can understand is hard work. Make that hard work more fun with hands-on activities like these.

This activity focuses on CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. There are fifteen words featured – three for each of the five vowels.

There are four pieces to build each caterpillar – a head (featuring an image of the CVC  word) and three body parts (featuring a letter from each CVC word).

I’ve also included word cards for younger kids who aren’t quite ready to read the words themselves. They can practice building the words by sequencing the letters they see on the word card.

Students will choose a ‘head’ and identify the picture featured. Be sure they say each of the three sounds in each word.


Once you’re sure they hear/say all three sounds, have them begin searching for each of the three letters that represent those sounds. Have them string those four pieces together to build a CVC caterpillar.

You can start with one vowel sound at a time. Work on the short “a” words, and then move on to the next vowel when students have mastered the first one.

Once you’ve covered all five vowel sets (all 15 words), you can mix them up and give them all to your student. This adds a challenge for older students.


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