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Scarecrow CVC Words Mats

Are you looking for a fun way to work on letter recognition and CVC words this fall? Add these scarecrow-themed CVC word mats are just what you need!

FREE Scarecrow CVC Words Mat - these free printable fall themed mats are a fun way for kids to practice sounding out words to listen for the letters that spell these sight words. Perfect fall center, educational activity, and freebie fro preschool, kindergarten, first grade #cvcwords #kindergarten #literacy

Scarecrow CVC Words Mats

Some of the first words kids learn to read are CVC words. CVC means consonant-vowel-consonant. Cat, mop, and hit are all CVC words.

CVC words are the first step in learning to stretch out words so that kids can hear each individual sound in the word. As they become more confident, they will transfer that skill to longer, more complex words.


Letter Recognition

If your preschoolers and kindergartens are still working on letter recognition and letter sounds, start with the scarecrow cards that have the letters printed on them.

Have your child say the name of each letter to spell each word. Then, have them say the letter sounds as they match a letter disc (or letter bead, letter magnet, etc.) to the letter at the bottom of the mat.

Building CVC Words

Once your child is proficient with letters and letter sounds, they can move on to building the CVC words featured in this pack.

Have them identify the featured image (shown on the scarecrow’s sign). Help them slowly stretch out the sounds until they hear all three sounds in the word…. c…aaaa…t.

Then, have them find the letter discs that represent all three sounds, and place them on the circles at the bottom of the scarecrow word mat.

Once they’ve built the word, have them read it to you making sure they say all three sounds clearly.


Extension Activity

When your kids have mastered the ten words included in this pack, they can use the letter discs to begin building other words. Or, they can use the discs to make up silly CVC words. As long as the vowel is in the center position, you’ll know they’ve grasped this concept.


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