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Apple Core Paper Plate Craft

Today we are sharing a fun Apple Core Paper Plate Craft! This craft uses simple supplies you might already have around the house. We love doing paper plate crafts because we often have them on hand and they are easy to get out in a snap to do a craft. This activity is great for preschoolers and kindergartners because of all of the fine-motor work involved. My toddler loved it too!

Apple Core Paper Plate Craft - this is such a fun fall craft (apple craft) for toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade for September

Apple Core Craft

Tearing up pieces of paper is great way to practice fine motor skills, along with the pinching and sticking that gluing pieces on the plate. My kids think it’s a lot of fun to tear up paper and make something out of it. And they will love making this beautiful Apple Core Paper Plate Craft.

We planned on making just red apple cores, but my son wanted to make a green one (his favorite) so we made green as well! I think they both turned out very cute.

red green brown constitution paper and paper plate

Paper Plate Craft Ideas


  • paper plate
  • red, green, brown, and black construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
cut oval edge off of both sides of the paper plate

To get the apple core craft ready for the kids, I cut the sides of the paper plate off using curved lines to make an apple core shape.

cut out leaf and stem shapes

Preschool Apple Crafts

I also cut out leaf and stem shapes with green and brown paper.

Next, I had the kids help tear pieces of construction paper. We tore a lot of red and green paper pieces for the apple skin. We also made a few black pieces for the apple seeds.

spread glue on paper plate apple core and cover top and bottom with red or green paper

Apple Activities for Preschool

Spread glue along the top and bottom of the apple core.

Add red torn paper pieces (or green if making a green apple) along the top and bottom of the apple core to make the apple skin.

glue black paper shreds to represent the apple seeds

Apple Crafts for Toddlers

Add a few glue dots to the center of the apple core and glue black paper pieces to it. These are the apple seeds.


Glue the leaf and stem shapes to the top of the apple. Let dry, and your apple core is complete!


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