August 18, 2023
Alphabet Apple Lacing Craft and Activity for Kids

Alphabet Apple Lacing Craft and Activity for Kids


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This apple craft is a super clever and fun way to celebrate September, back to school, and sneak in some fun alpahbet practice all at the same time! This apple lacing craft is great for working on fine motor skills while creating a cool apple craft for preschoolers, toddlers, and kindergartners at the same time! So grab a couple simple supplies you may already have on hand and get ready for a fun alphabet activity for kids!

Have some apple themed learning fun with your preschool, pre k, kindergarten, or first grade child with this simple ABC Apple Lacing Craft.  This apple activity is great for fine motor skills and working on letter recognition!

Apple Lacing Craft

We love doing all things apple in September! Not only do apple theme activities help keep preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students stay engaged, but it makes learning fun too! This super cute, educational apple activity is both an alphabet activity and an apple craft all-in-one! As children complete the Apple Lacing Craft they will practicing fine motor skills and letter recognition as they weave their yarn through the alphabet from A to Z. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschool Рyou will love this apple craft for kids. Use this as a first week of school activity or a cute back to school craft!

Alphabet Activity

Lacing activities are a wonderful and simple way to strengthen fine motor skills! ¬†Manipulating the string in and out of holes encourages various grasping patterns and hand-eye coordination.¬†So just why are fine motor skills important? ¬†The stronger the fine motor muscles in your child’s wrist, fingers, and hand, the easier writing will be!¬† So work on those fine motor skills…. along with the ABC’s with this Alphabet Apple Lacing Activity!

Apple Craft for Kids

To make your own ABC Craft for September you’ll need the following simple craft materials:
  • red paper plate
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • sharpie
  • construction paper
  • ribbon
  • glue

super cute Apple Craft for Kids that helps students practice their alphabet letters A-Z

Apple Craft

Begin your apple craft for kindergarten by cutting out the middle of the red paper plate.  This part is optional, but I love seeing the ribbon criss-cross across the apple.
Next hole punch 26 holes around the paper plate- not too far apart, but not too close.  It may take a few paper plates to figure out how close you need the holes to go all around (speaking from experience here!).  Then, write a letter of the alphabet at each hole in either alphabetical order or random order.
From construction paper, cut out an apple stem and green leaf.  Glue to the top of the apple.
Find A on the paper plate and tie one end of the spool of ribbon.
make this super cute Apple Craft for Kids using paper plate, green and brown construction paper, ah ole punch, black marker, and red yarn

Apple Craft for Preschoolers

Now your child is ready to work on letter recognition and fine motor skills! If your student needs help, sing through the alphabet a couple of times so your child can find the letter.  As they thread the ribbon through each hole, talk about the letter and the sound it makes; this is a great way to sneak in some phonics work, too!
This is such a cute apple activity for kindergarten that works great for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers to make learning FUN!
We love using apple activities for preschool to make learning fun in September

Apple Activity for Preschoolers

Continue threading the ribbon through the holes until all the holes have been used up and your child has laced through the alphabet.
Feel free to switch this activity up to work on lowercase letters, numbers, or even the letters of your child’s name!¬†This is such a fun idea to add to an apple theme, back to school projects, first day of school, or September ideas!
Plus don’t miss these handy, free printable alphabet worksheets to practice tracing letters.


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