June 22, 2023

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World


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We spent the last two weeks doing Five in a Row’s

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World – Five in a Row

How to make an Apple Pie & See the World is a fun book with a very natural tie-in to a study of Geography and/or apples {perfect for fall}.

The basis of our study was good books, creative play, fun, good food, lapbooks, and fun projects. Every day we played FREE Roll into Geography game that helps kids learn the continents as they go around the world to get their ingredients to make their apple pie. If you haven’t checked it out yet – take a peak.

Airplane Creative Play

The kids got all dressed up, packed their suitcase, grabbed their tickets & passport and we headed to the plane.



First stop – Italy to get some Semolina wheat. On the way we learned a lot about Italy, tasted Italian food, watched a cartoon in Italian, and played soccer.

Italy Lapbook - free printable from www.livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com Click for Italian Recipes A stop in Italy: playing soccer
Look What Came from Italy


Next stop – France to get eggs from a chicken.  We read some good books, made a lapbook, took a look at art in France (specifically the Mona Lisa), croissants for breakfast, and Cheese Soufflé & Pineapple Crème Brulee for dinner (If you want a recipe – let me know!). By the way, laugh if you may at Mona Lisa’s green hair , but believe it or not I was THRILLED! Up to this point Goofy was insistent that he wanted to make it “right” and wouldn’t deviate from how it was “suppose” to be. So this was AWESOME!!

France Lapbook - free from www.livinglifeintentionally.blogpost.com French Cheese SoufflePinneaple Creme BruleeFamous art from Louvre in France - Mona Lisa
Look What Came from France

Sri Lanka

Our next stop was Sri Lanka to get cinnamon. We learned Sri Lanka is a beautiful Island filled with lots of animals! The kids loved the animal part of the lapbook today! As in the book the girl took salt water to make salt; we evaporate “sea” water too. Here is Goofy touching the salt that was left after the water had evaporated. We had a typical dish: Chicken with coconut milk & spicy peppers.
Experiment: evaporating salt water to get saltSri Lanka chicken with cocounut & spicky peppers


We started off reading some good books. I found some new favorite books: Tino Turtle Series & Katie in London. In these books kids learn about another culture and famous sights in a fun story format. We finished our England Lapbook. We also did stories on our Flannel Board (a favorite at our house)  that came from England: Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill, and Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. We also had English Shepherds Pie for dinner – YUM! But my favorite part was having afternoon tea.  I made tea, finger sandwiches (cucumber & cream cheese and egg salad), and scones with cream (delicious & so easy to make!). I put out a table cloth and served the tea in our china tea cups. The kids wore hats (as they do in England) and we listened to some piano music while we had tea. It was so much fun & very memorable!

Flannel Board: Nursery Rhymes & Goldilocks & 3 bears came from EnglandHow to Make and Apple Pie and See the World stop in England for teaHaving Tea with Scones & finger sandwichesEnglish Shepherd's Pie
Look what came from Engalnd


We read a Jamaican Alphabet book, listened to Reggae music, I braided Minnie’s hair (if you’ve ever visited you know this is common), completed our Jamaican lapbook, and played in the sandbox as Jamaica is known as a tourist destination for beaches and good weather. We also had Banana Fritters to eat – Yum!

Playing in the sand as tourists do in JamaicaJamaican Banana FrittersJamaican braids

Vermont, USA

And last, but not least, Vermont – for our apples! We read a very fun, informative book on Vermont (M is for Maple syrup – see below), made our lapbook, and made maple syrup from scratch (the only way we have syrup around here). But the best part was the long awaited APPLE PIE!! My recipe doesn’t use an egg or butter like the one in the book……but we decided to stay with my tried-and-true recipe anyway.  It was DELICIOUS!

Kids helping make our apple pieCutting Crisco into flourRolling out pie crust - the secret to make it flaky is to touch it as little as possible!
Just needs to be bakedTADA - Apple Pie

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