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20 Favorite Alphabet Books

Alphabet books are a fun way to introduce kids to the letters and review their sounds and uses. This list is full of colorful and creative stories showcasing the alphabet in fun and exciting ways. Explore the letters with your little ones and the fun stories on this list!

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Alphabet Books

Looking for some creative and fun alphabet books to learn their ABCs.

An Introduction to the Alphabet

Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! was written by Dr. Seuss. This popular book uses Dr. Seuss’ nonsensical language style and classic illustrations to introduce kids to the alphabet. Funny scenarios are created out of words starting with the same letter, and both lower and upper case letters are used to introduce the letter on the page. The tongue twisting text makes this a fun one to read aloud.

If Rocks Could Sing: A Discovered Alphabet was written by Leslie McGuirk. This incredibly unique book uses rocks to review the letters of the alphabet. Each letter is shown in rock form, and accompanied by a rock shaped like an item beginning with that letter. The photographs of the rocks are creative, showing some of them with simple items that help set the scene.

A to Z was written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton. This simple and entertaining introduction to the alphabet uses Boynton’s adorable illustration style to bring the letters to life. Each letter is paired with an animal and action, both starting with that letter. The simple text and colorful characters make this a great one to read with little ones.

The Sleepy Little Alphabet: A Bedtime Story from Alphabet Town was written by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Melissa Sweet. The lower case letters don’t want to go to bed, and they have all kinds of ways to postpone it. But the upper case letters know how to wind them down and put them to bed. This story will connect with parents and kids familiar with the bedtime battle, and the fun illustrations bring the letters to life.

ABC Books

Eating the Alphabet was written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. Make your way through the alphabet with this colorful introduction to brightly colored fruits and vegetables. The vivid collage style illustrations make the foods jump off the page, complementing the peppy rhyming text.

ABCs of Science (Baby University) was written by Chris Ferrie. This STEM inspired version of the alphabet gives kids a simple introduction to a variety of scientific terms and concepts. Each page focuses on one letter and concept, with a simple, colorful illustration. Each concept is defined in a simple sentence, then explained in smaller text underneath, providing learning opportunities for a variety of age levels. Learn more about Chris Ferrie’s books here!

Mrs. Peanuckle’s Flower Alphabet (Mrs. Peanuckle’s Alphabet) was written by Mrs. Peanuckle and illustrated by Jessie Ford. The Mrs. Peanuckle series of books uses the alphabet to introduce kids to a variety of topics. In this book, each letter of the alphabet represents a flower starting with that letter. Each page shows the name of the flower, a colorful illustration of it, and interesting facts about it. This is a great way to review letters with kids, while also teaching them about a different topic.

Alphabet Under Construction was written and illustrated by Denise Fleming. Join a determined little mouse as he makes his way through the alphabet, creating letters with different crafty techniques, each starting with that specific letter. The simple text is brought to life with vibrantly colored and creative illustrations, showing all the fun ways that the mouse creates and decorates the letters.

Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC was written by June Sobel and illustrated by Henry Cole. This fun book follows a band of pirates as they attempt to round up all the letters of the alphabet. The rhyming text is full of opportunities to read the text in a fun pirate voice, while the illustrations showcase the funny animal pirates.

The Construction Alphabet Book was written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Rob Bolster. In this fun themed book, each letter of the alphabet is represented by a piece of construction equipment starting with that letter. Both upper and lower case letters are featured prominently on the page, and the thorough text includes lots of details and information on the equipment featured. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and realistic, helping the reader see the differences in each machine.

Museum ABC by the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art. This unique book uses the alphabet to introduce readers to a wide variety of artwork and artists. Each two page spread features a letter of the alphabet and a common item that begins with that letter. The opposite page shows a collection of photos showing that item in various pieces of art. The back of the book includes more information on each piece of art featured in the book.

LMNO Peas (The Peas Series) was written and illustrated by Keith Baker. Follow an energetic group of peas as they make their way through the alphabet, introducing the reader to a variety of careers, hobbies, and interests. Each letter of the alphabet is introduced and matched with a variety of activities that start with that letter. This is not only a fun way to review the alphabet, but also a great introduction to careers and hobbies for kids.

ABC Animals (AMNH ABC Board Books) by American Museum of Natural History is a brightly colored introduction to animals from around the world. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with an animal starting with that letter. The letters are displayed in large and colorful fonts, while each animal is introduced with an interesting fact. The large and colorful photographs of the animals are sure to delight young readers.

ABC for Me: ABC Yoga was written by Christiane Engel. This fun book encourages the reader to move their way through the alphabet with a series of yoga poses matched to each letter. The vibrantly illustrated pages show each letter of the alphabet being represented by an animal and a corresponding yoga pose. This is a great way to get kids active while reviewing letters!

When Letters Get Lost

Alphabet Adventure was written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Bruce Wood. All the letters of the alphabet are ready to head to school and help a child learn his ABC’s. After the letters get out of order to help little i find her missing dot, they have trouble falling back in line. The cute story is accompanied by engaging computer generated illustrations.

The Letters Are Lost! was written and illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst. This story focuses on a set of alphabet blocks that have become separated. Each two page spread shows another two letters found in situations starting with their letters. The text is creative, and the illustrations feature the classic alphabet blocks that we have all seen, and probably all lost at some point.

Mixed Up Alphabets

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was written by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. This classic rhyming story follows the letters of the alphabet as they race up the coconut tree. When the tree gets too full, disaster strikes! The simple illustrations showcase lower and upper case letters in bright colors, making it easy for kids to identify the letters in the energetic story. Use these fun activities to bring this book to life!

Z Goes First: An Alphabet Story Z-to-A was written by Sean Lamb and illustrated by Mike Perry. Poor Z is tired of being at the end of the alphabet, so he brings Y along to the front to see if they can lead. The letters at the beginning agree, kicking off an adventure through the alphabet. The funny text and hilarious illustrations bring the letters to life, giving them their own personalities and social clashes. Check out these fun activities to pair with this book!

AlphaOops!: The Day Z Went First was written by Alethea Kontis and illustrated by Bob Kolar. When Z declares that he is tired of being at the end of the alphabet, the letters agree to start from the end and move backwards. However, some of the other letters soon start to do their own thing, leading to a mixed up mess of an alphabet. The funny story is complemented by bright and busy illustrations, showing the letters with emotions and personalities of their own.

Z Is for Moose was written by Kelly Bingham and illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. While this book may start out as a typical alphabet book, it takes a hilarious turn when a moose decides to take over. When he realizes that he doesn’t get to represent the letter M in the alphabet, he starts creating a huge mess. The funny story is accompanied by vivid and energetic illustrations that will have kids laughing along to the sweet ending.

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