November 12, 2022

4 Fun Ways to Teach Spelling


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Spelling always seems like a dull drill to teach as your child writes the words again and again and again. But you don’t have to teach spelling using dull methods, instead try one of these four fun
ways to teach spelling.

4 Fun Ways to Teach Spelling

1. Carve the Letters into Play Dough

Play dough isn’t just for little kids. Everyone enjoys rolling and squishing it. Play dough is also an awesome way to practice spelling words. First roll the play dough flat. Next grab a toothpick or a stick to draw in the play dough.

You and your kids can pretend to be ancient Mesopotamians carving the letters out of clay as you carefully write the spelling words. The nice thing about play dough is you can roll is smooth and keep on playing as long as you’d like.


2. Jump Rope

Some children learn better while moving, so take advantage of it. Head outside with a jump rope. As you swing the rope, chant the spelling words and the correct spelling. You can concentrate on one word at a time, or simply go through the list.

Working through the list is my favorite method so we don’t spend all day on one word and forget the others. The method is rather simple. Simply chant, R-O-P-E spells ROPE, G-O spells Go, S-T-O-P spells STOP, etc.


3. Play Dough Snakes

Another fun use for studying spelling with play dough is to roll the play dough into long snakes. The trick is to carefully write the spelling words using the snakes.

You have to be careful or you’ll run out of play dough. It’s a fun challenge for children of all ages.


4. Magnetic Letters

Magnetic Letters are wonderful for teaching children how to spell. Kids can practice spelling their words on the fridge while you cook. You can leave silly messages to each other using the spelling words.

Kids prefer using magnetic letters to spell than a pencil any day of the week. After all it’s a lot easier to move the letters around than to continually write them on a piece of paper.

Spelling doesn’t have to be dull with these four delightful ways of studying spelling. Pick one to do with your child and enjoying playing while studying spelling together.

What is your favorite way to study spelling?

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Spelling Activities

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