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There is a fever going around. Every child I know is catching it. The Minions. Ask any adult what they think about these gibberish-loving creatures and you will get mixed answers. Love ’em or hate ’em one things for sure, kids are absolutely crazy about them!   And kids of all ages are going to love this Minions Squishy Circuits science experiment.
Minions Squishy Circuits - Make a minion clock science experiment that kids of all ages from preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kids will all LOVE!

Since the beginning of time these yellow creatures that evolved from a single-celled organism have been on the hunt for a Boss. From T-Rex to Napoleon each attempt at finding a Master has proved unsuccessful. As the Minions face a deep depression over their demise, Kevin has a brilliant idea. With the help of his friends Stuart and Bob the hunt for a boss begins. So grab your evil scientist and get creating!

The Minions are on the clock and ready to go!

Minions Squishy Circuits

Items Needed for Minion Squishy Circuits

Items Needed for Minions Squishy Circuits:

First make a minion shape out of your electric dough using googly eyes

1. Taking your yellow dough, form the shape of your minion. You are going to want to use about a full handful of electric dough as you will need some space to insert your Copper and Zinc Strips. Add your Minions eyes.

Minions Squishy Circuits

2. Using your black pipe cleaners create a goggle for your Minions.

Minions Squishy Circuits

3. Give your Minions some pants and you are ready to go!

Minions Squishy Circuits

4.To start the experiment you are going to want to connect your connecting wires to the proper positive and negative ends. When you twist your wires onto the strips make sure that they are twisted onto the wires parts and not over the insulation.

Minions Squishy Circuits

5. Add one copper and one zinc strip to each Minion. During this step there are two things to watch for: Make sure your Minions are not touching anywhere and Make sure your strips are not touching anywhere.

Minions Squishy Circuits

6. Watch your clock turn on! Experiment with other household materials like a potato, lemon, or even Gatorade!

The Science Behind a Minion Clock

Electric dough is a electrochemical battery also known as an electrochemical cell.

This means that chemical energy is converted into electric energy during spontaneous electron transfer. Each Minion then acts as a buffer between the zinc ions and the copper ions. If the copper and zinc ions were to touch they would generate heat, but with the Minions acting as a buffer the electron transfer has to happen via wires which channel the energy into the clock!

Viola! You have Minion Power!  Be sure to share your Minion Squishy Circuits with us on social media and tag 123 Homeschool 4 Me when you do!

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