March 3, 2023
Ice Cream Number Bonds

Ice Cream Number Bonds


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Although most of you are on a Summer break, this fun ice cream summer learning activity could slyly work itself into your day. Learning about bonds in this way can be such fun it won’t feel like work!

Ice Cream Number Bonds - this is such a fun, clever, hands on math activity to help preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade kids start to grasp number bonds (addition, subtraction). Fun for summer learning, math centers, and homeschooling.

Ice Cream Number Bonds

What you need:

  • Felt(I used light brown, dark brown, pink, white and green)
  • Pompoms
  • Blank stickers
  • Tweezers

How to set it up:

Cut ice cream cones from the light brown felt. Then cut the ice cream scoops using the rest of your felt. We had vanilla (white), strawberry (pink), mint (green) and chocolate (brown).

Use your stickers to write the numbers you are working in. If you are working on bonds for 5 or 10 like we did here, you need the numbers 1 to 10 and then another 5 and 10. Stick these numbered stickers to the scoops. I added stickers to both sides of the scoops. The number 5 and 10 went on the cones.

summer learning about number bonds

How to play:

Choose a cone (with a number) and add the scoops(numbers you need to make up the bond) and add it to the cone. See how many ways there is to build a specific number ice cream. Lastly, use the tweezers to add a “cherry”(pompom) or two!

ice cream number bonds for preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade

Build as many ice creams with the correct scoops to make up the number bonds as you can!

A fun activity to work on bonds, and fine motor skills too!]

number bonds to 20 acorn number bonds activity fishing number bonds to 10 craft for kindergarten and first graders number bond games

Number Bond Printables

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Ice Cream Printables

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