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Ralph Waldo Emerson Worksheets (Poetry for Kids)

Studying poetry can enrich your homeschool. You can start by picking your favorite poet or simply by downloading this poem study focusing on Fable by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The lessons learned can be used beyond this study to help you enhance other poetry studies you do on your own.

FREE Ralph Waldo Emerson Worksheets (Poetry for Kids) - printable for teaching upper elementary including writing, grammar, copywork, vocabulary and so much more. These free poetry worksheets for kids are great for leaning about poems

Ralph Waldo Emerson Worksheets

I’ll be honest, studying poetry in school was not one of my favorite things. The study mostly consisted of a dry lesson on the author and a reading of the poem. I was not taught how to relate the poem to my life or how it could reinforce other lessons I was currently learning. The idea of teaching my own children poetry made me want to retreat. After taking a step back and researching where to begin, I discovered that I enjoyed poetry! This led me to create my own studies for my children. Fable, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, is a great poem to introduce to your children. It is short, humorous, and teaches a moral lesson that they can apply to their lives. Fable will prompt discussions that are both deep and humorous.

The poetry study pack includes a summary of the poem, vocabulary, an explanation of rhyme scheme, discussion points, grammar, and copywork. You can divide the pack into small daily lessons or take out time and complete it in one day. In addition, the pack includes a poster of the poem to hang in your homeschool room.

If you have never studied poetry in your homeschool or you are looking for a new poem to introduce to your children, start here! If you enjoy this then you will certainly enjoy the study on How Doth the Little Crocodile by Lewis Carroll that you can download here. Believe me, poetry can enhance your homeschool and even if you thought you couldn’t, you can enjoy poetry.

fable poem study including copywork, grammar, vocabulary, and more

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