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Fall Theme

Study autumn with this fun week-long fall theme! Your kids will learn about autumn through language arts, math, science, and art!

Fall Theme - this fun, free Fall Unit Study helps kids learn math, grammar, creative writing, alphabet letters, science, history, and art with this fun unit for kids of all ages (preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, homeschool, fall themes) #fall #autunm #kindergarten

Fall Theme

Themes are a great way to make learning fun and keep kids engaged as they learn math, grammar, reading, writing, science, history, and crafts with a fun theme. Make sure to check out all our themes that are perfect for preschool, prek, kindergarten, and elementary age kids.

Books to Read

Here are two suggestions for using books in your fall unit study:

  • Read a different book each day, Monday through Friday
  • Choose your favorite book (s) and read it all 5 days of the week. Remember kids adore repetition, so don’t worry about boring your children!

If these books don’t work for you, check out this awesome list of 24 Fall Books for Kids!


Autumn Unit Study

Choose a fall language arts activity or two for you and your children to enjoy. The Fall Coloring Pages for Children are perfect for kids who aren’t writing yet. Coloring develops the fine motor control kids need for handwriting!

fall math activities

Day 2 – Math Activity

Check out the adorable Fall Color by Number sheets. Color by number sheets are perfect for solidifying your children’s number recognition.

See if your older children can complete this Practical Engineering Challenge with Apples!

fall art project

Day 3 – Art Project

Apple Art Projects

Your kids will love creating these apple tree paintings with bubble wrap. Of course the trick may be to keep the kids from popping the bubbles long enough to paint!


leaf art project


Leaf Art Projects

You have so many choices when it comes to studying leaves. My personal favorite is this Kadinskey Inspired Fall Art Project. The kids study a famous artist and then create their own artwork!

Grab your older children and preserve a few leaves for fall decorations!

pumpkin art project

Pumpkin Art Projects

Have you ever finger painting with the insides of a pumpkin? It’s an entertaining, unique, and slimy activity all your kids will love! So grab a pumpkin and try painting with the inside of a pumpkin this week.

Other, less slimy, pumpkin activities, include:


fall science


Day 4 – Science

Day 5 – History / Field Trips

  • Learn about Johnny Appleseed
  • Family “Tree” Project for Kids
  • With Thanksgiving coming up you can dive into the world of early colonists and learn about the pilgrims.
  • Take a fieldtrip to a local farm to see the animals, harvest, canning
  • Take a fieldtrip to a local orchard or pumpkin patch to observe how apples / pumpkins grow

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