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Cereal Fall Tree Craft

Fall is my favorite season! Every year, we drive through the country to see all of the leaves changing colors. When we get home, we love to fill our house with yellow, orange, and red colored crafts like this Cereal Fall Tree Craft. This Fall craft for kids is a fun way to celebrate the beginning of the season.

Cereal Fall Tree Craft - this is such a fun, simple-to-make fall craft for kids from toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade

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Cereal Fall Tree Craft

This adorable and easy to make Cereal Fall Tree Craft is a fun project that will delight little ones. They love making crafts with food!
brown construction paper, fruit loops cereal, glue, and scissors


  • Brown Construction Paper
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Fruit Loops

This no-prep activity is not only easy but it’s inexpensive to create too. You may have all of the supplies at home already or you can purchase everything you need at a dollar store.

glue brown rectangle pieces onto blue construction paper to make fall tree

Before making this Fall tree craft, we read books about the season like Why Do Leaves Change Color? and talk about why the leaves change colored and fall off the tree.

To begin making the craft, cut the brown construction paper into a variety of different size rectangles or strips.

To help children who haven’t developed their fine motor skills or hand muscle strength yet, provide your children with hand over hand support while cutting out the rectangles.

Next, glue the rectangles onto a pieces of blue construction paper to create a tree without any leaves.

glue fruit loops cereal color by color onto fall tree; or you can use pom poms, circle stickers, do-a-dot makers, or little pieces of paper

While the glue dries, sort the Fruit Loops by color and place the red, yellow, and orange cereal pieces in a separate pile or small bowl.

Instead of using Fruit Loops, you can also use pomp poms, colored paper circles, or dot stickers.

fall crafts

Then, glue the Fruit Loops on the branches of the tree for the red, yellow, and orange leaves. Also, glue some cereal pieces on the bottom of the blue paper to make piles of leaves.

This Fall Colored Cereal Tree Craft is a fun and create way to learn about leaves changing colors and celebrate the beginning of Fall.

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