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FREE Fall Nonsense Words Activity

Are you looking for an engaging activity to help your beginning readers? This real vs. Fall Nonsense Words Activity is a perfect activity to help with decoding and blending skills. Your little readers will sound out each word and decide if it is real, or too unbe-LEAF-able.
FREE-Printable-Fall-Nonsense Words-Activity

Fall Nonsense Words Activity

The prep for this FREE Printable Fall Nonsense Words Activity is super easy. Just print and cut your cards apart. I used a paper slicer to make it even faster. You can print on card stock and laminate for extra durability.
This activity is the perfect way to work on decoding CVC words.
Using nonsense words ensures that your little readers aren’t simply looking at the first letter and making a good “guess” at the word. This helps show them that every sound is important in making a word.
Fall Nonsense Words Activity
 You can help guide their reading by modeling how to blend the sounds together to make a word. After they have successfully read the word, have them decide what category to sort it into. Is it a real word? Or is it too unbe-LEAF-able, and must be nonsense?

Fall Nonsense Words Activity – Checking for Understanding

After they have completed their sort, it is time to complete the recording sheet. This gives them a chance to write some of the words they read. This is also a great way for you to quickly assess for understanding.

More Ways to Play

Want to spice up the activity a little bit? You can add the cards to a fall sensory bin and have your little readers search for cards to read and sort. You can also do this as a read the room activity. Hang the words around the room and let them search for the words. When they find them, they can read them and write them in the correct column on their recording sheet.
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Download Fall Nonsense Words Activity

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