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Apple Counting and Writing Tray

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Make practicing counting, adding, and more extra fun with this fall counting and writing activity.

Fall Counting Activity and Salt Writing Hands on activity for kids from preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade

Apple Counting and Writing Tray

You might remember these apple manipulatives we used in this ten frames activity. This time, I added it to a salt tray for some fun writing and counting practice in our Apple Counting and Writing Tray.

You will need:

  • Apple manipulatives(make your own like us from salt dough or use mini erasers, for example. Red bottle tops can work too!)
  • Green craft foam or cardboard
  • Tray and some small containers
  • Salt
  • Writing utensil(we used a red straw)

Prepping the tray

Cut leave shapes from the craft foam/cardboard. Number your leaves. You can go up to whichever number your child is familiar with. Add them to a container and add the manipulatives to another container.

Add all the supplies mentioned above to the tray as seen in the image.

addition activity for first grade math

Your little ones can simply pick a numbered leaf, recognize the number, write the number in the salt and count out manipulatives accordingly.

kindergarten math activity for fall, counting apples

Children that are a bit older can use this tray for making sums.

First, decide if it would be an addition sum or subtraction sum. This will depend on which skill your child need practice. When introducing sums, we typically start of with addition and then subtraction.

Then, pick two leaves. For addition sums any number can go first, but for subtraction sums the largest number must go first(a lesson on its own). Add the leaves and count out the corresponding manipulatives. Now count them all together(for addition) or take away some(for subtraction) to get to the answer. Write down the answer in the salt or find the correct leave as answer.

addition practice with a fun fall twist for kidnergarten, first grade, 2nd grade

This is a simple way to practice writing and sums, but quite effective because it is hands-on- meaning the child experiences the mathematical side by handling the manipulatives.

Would your child like this apple tray activity?

apple counting and salt writing

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