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Plant a Number Line Math Game

This clever, spring themed Plant a Number Line Math Game is sure to grab your child’s attention. This interactive number line practices counting to 10, skip counting, even/odd numbers and more.

Plant a Number Line - this fun clever math activity for toddler, preschool, kindergarten allows kids to practice counting using an interactive number line with a spring theme #numberline #mathactivity #kindergarten

Interactive Number Line

Children learn to count through playing this Plant a Number Line Math Game. From a young age you will hear them count, but does not mean they understand their counting. Practicing counting with an interactive number line activity like this one, helps to make counting concrete and thus more understandable.

For this number line activity you need:

  • A long cardboard roll
  • Popsicle(craft) sticks, green
  • Cupcake liners or circle cardboard or craft foam flowers
  • Marker
  • Craft knife or sharp scissors
paper towel roll, cupcake liners, Popsicle stick math activity


Number Line Activity

How to make

  • Write the numbers onto the “flowers”
  • Glue the “flowers” onto the sticks
  • Make holes in the cardboard roll for the sticks to fit(I made the holes 5cm apart)
  • Write the numbers under the holes
fun spring number line activity for kindergarten

Number Line to 10

Add (“plant”) the flowers to the correct holes  in this number line to 10. This  works on number recognition and visual discrimination skills and fine motor too. Count the flowers, starting at number one, by pointing to each flower. Now your child’s brain will make the connection between the verbal and written letter names thus giving them the bigger picture than just rote counting.

Let your older kids practice to count backwards using the number line!

spring flower number line to 10 counting activity for kids

Older kids can do skip counting too, or only plant uneven numbers/even numbers etc.

Number Line for Kindergarten

This fun number line for kindergarten also help skids work on skip counting


Use a bee or butterfly picture/toy and fly onto a flower (say Nr.2). Now the bee flies to one more flower (2+1=?). Then ask your child to count how many flowers the bee must fly past to get to Nr. 5, for example. (2 + ? = 5) These are just simple, number line for kindergarten math exercises you can do with this number line setup. I bet your child will love it!

plant a number line counting activity for toddler, preschool, kindergarten

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