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FREE Safari Counting to 30 Game

Set off on a safari and practice counting to 30 with this fun (and free) Safari Counting to 30 Game! It’s quick and easy: just a few minutes and you’ll be ready! This is a great math game for preschool and kindergarten age kids.
FREE! Safari Counting to 30 Game. This is such a fun number game for Preschool and Kindergarten children to play. SUPER CUTE (homeschool)

Safari Counting to 30 Game

To prepare

  • Download free Safari Counting to 30 printable in color or black and white (below)
  • Print game board (enlarge if you prefer); you can use a laminator for durability.
  • Print 2 copies of each page of cards onto cardstock or use use a laminator
  • Cut along lines to separate the cards
  • Use any small objects for game pieces, but plastic safari animals would be brilliant if you have them.

 Do you know all these safari animals? They'll help you move forward or back as you make your way to 30.

Directions to play (in pairs)

  • Place cards in one pile facing down off the game board.
  • First player turns top card, placing it on the sky then moving their game piece that many places.
  • Second player takes their turn and so on until 30 is reached.
  • Remove the bigger number cards to make counting easier if necessary.
  • They do not need to turn the exact number to finish on 30.

You may need to explain that when jumping up a row they need to go back to the left. The board was created this way because research recommends this layout for giving kids a more solid sense of numbers.

 You took a great photo on your safari so move forward 3 spaces! What animals will you spy while you're counting to 30?

Getting the most out of the game

Learning to count on, or count forward, is an important math skill for little ones to master.

  • Just learning to count?: Then ask your kids to count out the numbers on the cards as they move their game pieces.
  • Getting familiar with numbers to 30?: Just counting the card numbers is too easy and will not do much to broaden their mathematical understanding. Ask your child to count on from the number on the board. For example, if they are on 16 and get ‘add 4,’ research says they’ll double their learning by saying “17, 18, 19, 20,” rather than “1, 2, 3, 4.” You may like to take out the bigger numbers to make this easier at the beginning.
  • Getting familiar with numbers to 100?: If your child is ready for more you can download this free Race to 100 board game here.
  • Wanting to read?: Encourage children to read the words on the cards as well as the numbers. Even if they just sound out the first letter. The pictures are good prompts! I hope your little ones enjoy this game and wish you happy teaching and learning!


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Download FREE Safari Counting to 30 Game

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